Berry to make his debut

Tottenham “fans” will see one of the latest “importations” to-day, for one Berry Nieuwenhuys, who has only recently arrived over here, will be making his first appearance, in English First Division football.

I am told Berry (which is easier to pronounce) was one of the fastest players in South African football, and that in twenty two games for his club, Boksburg, scored twenty seven goals from outside right. Berry, who incidentally forms an all-South African right wing with Gordon Hodgson, seems like to give the ‘Spurs defence a spot of trouble if he comes up to home form.

Hodgson may also be a nuisance. He was Liverpool’s top scorer last season. In short, quite a promising right wing par.

Then, of course, we have Sam English, the ex Glasgow Rangers centre-forward who should keep Rowe busy.

Left back has been Liverpool’s trouble this season, but they seem to be satisfied now with Jack Tennant, the former Torquay man.

Arthur Riley in goal (incidentally another South African), has brilliant anticipation when he strikes his best form.

As Leicester won at Liverpool last week and ‘Spurs had already won at Leicester, it looks good for Tottenham this afternoon. But things do not always work out that way.

Copyright Daily Express, 23-09-1933 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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