Nivvy mocked but conquers in the end

Jeers turned to cheers when Nieuwenhuys, the Liverpool right winger, scored the only goal of the match – five minutes from the end to beat the more skilful Wolves.

Why the crowd so often derided Nieuwenhuys for his mistakes is a puzzle, for many of the passes slung over to him would have needed a trapeze artist to collect them.

At least his match-winning effort was something they did not want to laugh off. He raced along on his own, flicked the ball to his inside man, Eastham, who pushed it forward, where Nieuwenhuys took it in his stride and whipped it past Scott.

Wolves cannot have been more unlucky to lose this season. They deserved to win if any one did, but they erred in not shooting until within the shadow of the posts. The full backs and centre half Bradshaw knew how to deal with that type of play.

Credit for Liverpool’s most acceptable points largely belongs to this trio with Busby at right half, and goalkeeper Kemp. One of Kemp’s saves from Keeley, the Wolves’ right winger was a wonderful piece of work.

At the other end Scott seemed to fall foul of the crowd and police were called to keep quiet the spectators behind the Wolves’ goal.

Most dramatic incident of the first half was when Hanson, the Liverpool winger, had only Scott to beat. Twice his drives struck the goalkeeper’s body and rebounded. Third time he fired over the bar.

Copyright - Daily Express, 12-04-1937- Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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