London Bridge Is Falling Down

Throughout the season Liverpool handed out a fair number of hammerings. Man City, Norwich and Bolton were all beaten 4-1 on their own grounds, Derby let in 5 at Anfield while Norwich (again) were blitzed 6-0 in front of the Kop (and John Bond heh heh).

It's the Tottenham game that everyone will remember. On 2nd September 1978, the Londoners arrived with their World Cup winners Osvaldo Ardiles and Ricky Villa, along with some chap called Glenn Hoddle. The game has had a rather tight-fisted 10 minute segment featured on a few videos like Best & Marsh The Perfect Nightmare and Greavie's 70's Memories (short tape, that) but it is to be hoped that our link with Granada will ensure that treasures like the St Etienne 3-1 and the Bruges 3-2 will once more see the light of day. For those who simply cannot remember that brilliant day, here are the goals again.

ONE NIL: Liverpool were kicking towards the Kop first half. Presumably the Spurs captain won the toss and decided to defend at the Kop first to take the sting out of our attack. Oops! Jimmy Case tries a long-range shot, mis-hits it to Kenny, brilliant turn and shot under Barry Danes from twelve yards.

TWO NIL: Another mis-hit shot by Case to Dalglish who deliberately re-directs the ball into the net.

THREE NIL: Deep cross from Terry Mac, Ray Kennedy rises majestically to head and, er, Lacey makes no mistake helping it in. It gets better, believe me.

Second half, with Liverpool now attacking the Anny Road end. FOUR NIL: Dalglish shot saved by Danes but Johnson (on as sub) blasts in the rebound.

FIVE NIL: Kenny puts Johnson in for his second, a left foot shot under Danes from the edge of the box. Bit of a girlie goal celebration, but you can't have everything.

SIX NIL: After constant Liverpool pressure, Heighway is fouled in the area and Danes saves Neal's initial penalty. So the referee, quite rightly, decided 5 isn't enough and gives Phil another crack at it. The Kop starts to sing "We're going to win the league" to the tune of Boney M's 'Brown Girl In The Ring'……..Puts 'Go West' into perspective, I suppose!

SEVEN NIL: Along with the third at Wembley in 1974, the goal that most accurately epitomises The Liverpool Way. It was voted the best goal that the Reds have ever scored, and you will not find me arguing the point. An apology is due in advance, as the written word will never do any goal justice, certainly not this one. Ray Kennedy heads the ball clear on the edge of our box. Dalglish collects, turns and passes to Johnson on the right side of the centre circle. He sweeps the ball diagonally forward to the left touchline - they would canonise Beckham for such a pass, and this is David Johnson. Heighway meets the ball on the run and he crosses it first time to the far post. Terry McDermott has taken 8 seconds to get from the edge of his own box to the opposition six yard box (Linford Christie knows the secret) and heads emphatically home."Poetry in motion, tra la la la la". DH

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