Ronny, Oh Ronny Ronny….

Ronny, Oh Ronny Ronny….

Sometimes when I’m sat here browsing the forums or doing some work on the fanzine, random thoughts will pop into my head. Like just now in fact, so I thought “why not get it down in writing and bung it on the blog”. So I did...

Ronny Rosenthal was f*cking ace. I loved him, he was one of my favourite players, and he was my dad’s favourite player. Me and me dad don’t often agree too much on LFC related matters, usually when I like a player he thinks he’s useless, but we both loved Ronny. He wasn’t the greatest player in the world, but he was a trier and he made things happen. It irritates the hell out of me when Ronny’s name is mentioned and people instantly bring up the sitter he missed at Villa Park. It’s a shame that one particular miss has defined his career in the eyes of some. When I think of Ronny Rosenthal, that’s way down the list of memories I have.

In no particular order, here’s some things I remember about Ronny:

His winner in the derby game at Anfield. I think it may even have been in the last minute, it was definitely very late on in the game. He drilled a shot into the bottom corner at the Kop end with his trusty left boot, and sent Anfield wild. Later on, he did an interview for Match of the Day, and grinning from ear to ear he said “the lads are all singing my name in the bath, I am very happy”.

The first time he pulled on a Liverpool shirt. It was a reserve game, against the mancs at Anfield if I recall. I was there, sat in the Main Stand. Two things stand out from that day. One, he took a piss at the side of the pitch on the Kemlyn Road side before the game started. And two, he was really, really good. Straight away he looked exciting, running at defenders and scaring the crap out of them. Kenny Dalglish was suitably impressed and arranged a loan deal til the end of the season.

His hat-trick at Charlton. He’d appeared as a sub the previous weekend I think, possibly against Forest or someone like that at Anfield, and had looked useful. Kenny started him at Charlton, and he was sensational. Right foot, left foot and header, the perfect hat-trick. Saving our season. We had started to stutter badly, and there was a chance we would blow it and lose the championship. Ronny came in, scored loads of goals and kick started the team again and we went on to become champions. His impact that season can’t be overstated.

Being a supersub. I always liked him even when he started games, and thought it was a bit of a myth that he was only good when coming on as a sub. I think my heart was ruling my head though, as looking back he was fantastic as a sub, and the ideal person to bring on to scare the opposition. His hunchbacked running style, head down go for goal approach and unpredictability made him a nightmare for defenders who may be starting to tire. The best substitute I’ve seen at Liverpool (I’m too young to remember Davie Fairclough).

The song. “Ronny oh Ronny Ronny, Oh Ronny Ronny, Oh Ronny Rosenthal hey”. Class. God bless you Ronny Rosenthal.

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