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Everton Attack Fades Out

Despite the disparity in their positions in the League table Everton, still in danger of relegation, were not overawed by their city rivals, Liverpool, who held a chance of the Cup and League “double” in the second F.A. Cup semi-final at Maine Road, Manchester today, Arsenal have already reached the final by beating Chelsea. With both teams possessing dour defences a hard struggle resulted. On recent form Everton, with their key forwards Wainwright and Catterick fit, appeared most likely to snatch a vital goal, for in their last four League games Liverpool had not scored. Liverpool were without their injured centre-half Hughes for whom Jones deputized. Twice cup winners Everton have appeared in five previous finals, Liverpool claim only one final when they lost 1-0 to Burnley in 1914. All all-ticket crowd of 70,000 watch the match.

Liverpool; Sidlow, goal; Lambert and Spicer, backs; Taylor (captain), Jones and Paisley, half-backs; Payne, Baron, Stubbins, Fagan, and Liddell, forwards. Everton; Burnett, goal; Moore and Hedley, backs; Grant, Falder and Farrell (captain), half-backs; Buckle, Wainwright, Catterick, Fielding and Eglington, forwards. Referee; Mr. C. Fletcher (Cheshire).

Radio cars and walkie-talkie apparatus were used by the police to control the traffic converging on the Maine-road, Manchester football ground. The sun blazed down from an almost cloudless sky as the first of 500 motor coaches and 36 specials trains arrived in the city. Trains left Liverpool stations every few minutes for Manchester. At Liverpool Exchanged Station there were exciting scenes as thousands of football fans, queuing for the special trains, exchanged noisy greetings and humours badinage with the race goes in the separate queues for the trains bound for Aintree and the “National.” Long before the start excited spectators kept up a continues roar of rattles, cheers and counter cheers. Their mingled blue favours for Everton and red for Liverpool, made a colourful scene. In the early stages, the players on both sides appeared too excited for calculated play. But Everton began to make good progress through their wingers Eglington and Buckle, one move ending with Wainwright shooting strongly but wide.

On The Mark
Payne, the Liverpool right-winger, was much more on the mark when he received a good chance after Stubbins and Baron headed a left wing centre on to him. His quickly-taken shot forced Burnett to concede a corner. By swinging the ball about vigorously, Liverpool enjoyed a spell of ascendancy and Stubbins sent just wide when Baron put him through after intercepting an Everton pass. Then Baron dived full length in trying to head home across from Payne, but failed to reach the ball. Everton played the more attractive football, keeping the ball more on the ground in several good moves which, however, were broken up before becoming menacing. Liverpool were the more dangerous, and after 25 minutes they claimed a goal when Stubbins headed in a low centre from Payne which Burnett missed, Moore stopped the ball on the line and Burnett grabbed it and cleared. The referee waved play on, but it must have been a near thing.

The Danger Man
Payne was the danger man of the Liverpool attack and he led up to their taking the lead after 31 minutes. He lobbed the ball over tantalizing, Liddell headed it in and Burnett could only half punch out the ball. Left half Paisley quickly lobbed the ball back and this time Burnett could only help the ball into the net. Liddell was again on the spot but it seemed Paisley’s goal. Everton wasted no time in fighting back and Buckle seemed a likely scorer with a header, but Spicer headed away. Nevertheless, Liverpool just about deserved their lead, for their attack carried the more punch, with Liddell and Payne lively wingers and Stubbins thrustful in the centre. The Liverpool wing halves, Taylor and Paisley, saw that their forwards got plenty of support and Stubbins brought Burnett to his knees with another good scoring effort. Liverpool continued the more aggressive side until the interval.

Half-time; Liverpool 1, Everton 0.

Everton began the second half as if determined to wipe out their deficit but the nearest they could get to a goal was a wild and wide shot by Buckle. In fact the Liverpool backs, Spicer and Lambert, and centre-forward Jones, seemed to have things well under control. Everton’s defence was much less reliable and only a quick dash out by Burnett prevented a goal when Payne raced through the middle. Liverpool’s grip on the game continued and little was seem of the Everton attack. Burnett was forced to tip over an awkward dropping shot from Baron, a nasty ball to take when looking into the bright sunlight. Then a huge kick by right-back Lambert sailed just over the Everton bar.

Liddell scored a second for Liverpool. Liddell’s goal was a just reward for Liverpool’s superiority. He shot without hesitation when Baron gave him a gilt-edged chance with a short pass from the left of the goal-line after 62 minutes. The ball appeared to have crossed the line for a corner before Baron hooked it back, but the goal stood. Far from fighting back Everton were forced to continue desperate defence and the match at this stage looked as good as over. Sidlow, the Liverpool goalkeeper, was almost completely idle during the second half, so effective was the keen tackling of the men in front of him. In contrast, the Liverpool attack developed added thrust as the game wore on and an uncertain Everton defence found its work cut out against the determined play of Stubbins, Liddell, and Payne. Liddell came near to scoring again when he hit a post with one of a series of corners. No until the last few minutes did Everton succeed in attacking and then a wide shot by Wainwright and a corner on the right was the limit of their achievement. Final; Liverpool 2, Everton 0.

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