Dudek: Thanks for helping find my medals

Jerzy Dudek today spoke of his delight after being reunited with a career's worth of footballing memorabilia - including the medal he won at the Champions League final in Istanbul.

Dudek returned from holiday in the summer to discover his home had been burgled and the robbers had made off with numerous items, including priceless medals and shirts collected during his illustrious career.

Thankfully, the Liverpool goalkeeper has now been reunited with his trophies and he's keen to thank everyone who played a part in catching the thieves.

He told "I want to say a big thank you to Merseyside Police because they were so helpful throughout what was a difficult time for me. It wasn't nice to know that people had been in my house taking my belongings but the police did a very professional job and managed to get most of my things back.

"I also want to thank the Liverpool Echo newspaper because they reported the news and gave it a big headline and I think that helped in me getting the most important items back. I haven't got everything back yet but the big things, like my Champions League medal and other footballing medals, are back with me.

"To be honest I never thought I would get them back. I came home from holiday and saw my house in such a mess and thought to myself that they'd all gone forever. It was a dreadful moment for me.

"Then when I was on holiday with some friends in my village in Poland the good news came through. I have helped start a football club over there and because it was the end of their season we were all together to have a barbeque. A friend of mine called me to say the police had been in touch to say they have found almost everything. I just exploded with joy and started screaming 'yes, yes, yes'. Everyone around me was asking what had happened and I shouted back 'They've found my medals'. It was a great moment for me. Everyone was so happy.

"I returned home a week later and the police delivered three big boxes containing all my stuff.

"I'm still missing some things such as watches from the Dutch FA and Polish FA and the shirt I wore in the Worthington Cup final. I even heard a story that someone tried to sell that framed shirt in a pub! That's the kind of story I can laugh about now because I have most things back."

Dudek added: "The fact that so many fans wrote to me and emailed me messages of support tells you everything about this club and its supporters. The relationship between the two is fantastic.

"I had emails from lots of fans saying they would scour websites for me to see if they could find anyone trying to sell my medals and shirts. It made me feel really emotional to know they were willing to go out of their way to help me. Liverpool fans will never, ever let you down.

"Again, I just want to thank Merseyside Police, the Liverpool Echo and every supporter who helped me during this horrible time."

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