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We are always trying to make our site better and we have mainly been concentrating on finding missing unused subs in European matches and missing profile pics for the last weeks. Progress has been made. 

49 players' pics added: Charlie Ashcroft, Augustus Beeby, Sam Bowyer, Ernest Blenkinsop, John Browning, John Carlin, William Cunningham, Douglas Dick, James Garside, Bertram Goode, Patrick Gordon, James Gorman, Michael Griffin, David Henderson, John Hughes, John "Sailor" Hunter, John Hunter, William Jenkinson, George Lathom, Norman Harvey Low, James McBride, John McCartney, John McConnell, John McDonald, Peter McKinney, Duncan McLean, Billy McOwen, Bill McPherson, Malcolm McVean, John Miller, Bobby Murdoch, David Murray, John Nicholson, Ernest Peake, James Penman, Bill Perkins, Arthur Riley, John Robertson Tom Rogers, Sidney Ross, Percy Saul, Les Shannon, Bill Shepherd, Don Sloan, John Smith, James Stewart, Harold Uren, Charlie Wilson, and T.G. Wyllie.

We have found all unused subs for European matches and thus we added three new players who were unused subs in Europe: Hughie McAuleyJohn Webb and Bob Wardle along with their pics.

Special thanks to Eric Doig for the subs and Andy from Liverweb for providing us with a few pics.

Arnie - editor of LFChistory


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