Quotes after the FA Cup Final

Steven Gerrard: "Just before my second goal I had taken a free-kick and it nearly went out of the stadium, my legs were so weary, so I don't quite know where I got the energy from. I must admit I was absolutely delighted to hit the next shot like that. I didn't mean to put it exactly there but knew I had to get good contact to make sure it would hit the target and I caught it really sweetly.

"It was a great moment when it went in, and I don't know how I did it. I just concentrated on giving everything to the shot. I didn't hear the stadium announcer say how much extra was being added, but I knew there wasn't long left and it was really hard - I was all over the place. In fact, in extra time I just didn't want the ball. I just kept looking at the clock and wanting it to run out. I had absolutely nothing left."

"We basically finished the game with about five men! People were going down with cramp all over the place, we'd put so much effort in. The players were so brave because there were quite a few who would have come off if we had any subs left. When it got to penalties we knew Pepe Reina would do it for us, and we just had to find five to take ours. The manager asked me if I wanted to take a penalty and I asked if I could have the first. He told me, 'No, you're having the third'. I just thought that I had to get up and hit it as hard as I could, and fortunately I found the corner. But once we got to penalties we had faith in Pepe. When he made that save in extra time I thought that maybe it was going to be our day after all. He didn't play that well early on, but he didn't half make up for it! With his penalty record we were always confident when it came down to that. "We are always having competitions in training and having a go at him. And we know how difficult it is to beat him. He is so agile."

Chairman David Moores admitted he could barely watch the game, such was the tension. He is our talisman - you just can't replace him. Thank Christ everything was sorted out last year! Everything's settled down now and I know he will be with us for life. He's an unbelievable player and I wouldn't swap him for anyone.

Defender Jamie Carragher went even further when he insisted Gerrard is the best player in the world right now. "I know people say I'm biased, but I wouldn't swap him even for Ronaldinho," he said. "Ronaldinho is the best there is, but Stevie is even better, he is so important to us. Nobody at this club would swap him, because he is different class."

Djibril Cisse said: "Of all the players I have had the privilege to play alongside, he and Zidane are the best, and right now, Stevie is the one I would want by my side."

Jose Reina: "I was really disappointed with how I played over the 90 minutes. To be honest I was rubbish, absolutely rubbish."But that's how it is, football is like that. We all have bad days, but this would have been a really bad one for me, without doubt."You just have to keep going, have to keep trying to improve and to forget your mistakes. So yes, it was a bad day, but these things can happen. After half an hour you would never have thought it would end up like that for me.You have good moments and bad ones, but just have to keep going through them. But it could have been a bad end to the season for me.

I have been strong all my life and had some hard times when I was at Barcelona. Before the penalties I wasn't praying, just talking to my friend in the sky and asking him for some help! I think really that I didn't deserve it because my game wasn't the best - it was a difficult day for me. But in the lottery of the penalties this time I was lucky. I am no specialist. You have to be prepared and we do practice them a lot, you have to be ready. I decided where to go for each kick. You have to choose where you're going to dive and stick with it. "

John Arne Riise: "I asked the manager to let me take the fourth penalty given what happened in Istanbul last year. That hurt me. I was carrying an injury at the time which meant that I couldn't blast the penalty there which I'd normally do. I had to place it and their keeper (Dida) saved it. That was a nightmare, even though we won the cup, it still left me demoralised but I could use the power now. I know my penalty here wasn't a great penalty, but a goal's a goal. I blasted it down the middle and it flew in, and as soon as it hit the back of the net, I burst into tears. They were stinging my eyes. It was just so emotional after what happened last season. This was closure, a chance for me to get revenge and put things right."

Kenny Dalglish: "Steven has done more for Liverpool in the past few seasons than any other player. Never mind Ronaldinho for Barcelona or Thierry Henry for Arsenal, Steven has done more for his team and contributed more than anyone else. When you have got fantastic ability and you ally that with his courage and belief, that is one hell of an ingredient.

"You talk about leading by example but that on Saturday was over and above the call of duty. And really he's such a young guy. It's unbelievable. I couldn't believe how far out he was when he hit his second goal. The whole game was just like Istanbul all over again, with Reina saving the penalties just as Dudek did."

Dalglish, 55, who ran out himself at Anfield for the last time in a charity match two weeks ago, said he thinks Gerrard will improve because eventually he is likely to start more games playing in his preferred central midfield position, rather than out wide on the right. He said: "His two goals both came from the central area. I think he will get better because he is still young and can improve in the years ahead of him.

Ian Rush: "But grim as it looked when they conceded the second I never felt the match had gone because they just weren't playing the way they can. You knew there was still time for them to get back into it. There's no doubt that in the end, though, they won the cup because of the captain.

He's an incredible talent and certainly the best Liverpool player of his generation. But if he had been playing for West Ham on Saturday and not us, I think they would have won the cup. He was that influential on the match."

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