Minute-by minute

Liverpool:1-Jerzy Dudek; 3-Steve Finnan, 23-Jamie Carragher, 4-Sami Hyypia , 21-Djimi Traore; 10-Luis Garcia, 16-Dietmar Hamann, 8-Steven Gerrard (c) , 25-Igor Biscan, 6-John Arne Riise; 5-Milan Baros
Subs: Carson, Kewell, Cisse, Smicer, Nunez, Warnock, Welsh.

Chelsea: 1-Petr Cech; 14-Geremi, 6-Ricardo Carvalho, 26-John Terry (c), 13-William Gallas; 30-Tiago, 4-Claude Makelele, 8-Frank Lampard; 10-Joe Cole, 15-Didier Drogba, 22-Eidur Gudjohnsen
Subs:Cudicini, Johnson, Kezman, Robben, Forssell, Huth, Nuno Morais.

Referee: Lubos Michel (Slovakia)

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Newly-crowned league champions Chelsea roll into Anfield for tonight's Champions League semi-final wheeze with their manager Jose Mourinho telling anyone who'll listen that his players are the business no matter what happens: "I think the pressure is on Liverpool. We'll go back to London as heroes independent of the result," he deadpanned, as the sound of eyes rolling skywards was drowned out by sniggering at the back of the press-room.

Despite being a mere 33 points behind Chelsea in the Premiership, Liverpool go into tonight's second leg enjoying the slenderest of advantages after last week's 0-0 snoozer at Stamford Bridge. And while an emergency trip to the dentist numbed Steven Gerrard's first leg performance, his manager Rafael Benitez believes his skipper could hold all the aces tonight: "In my opinion Steve will be the key player for us," he mused. "He can change a game. Against Middlesbrough you saw the kind of goal that he can score, and I am sure he will play well. He knows how important the game is for the club."

For the 90 minutes, the bookies have Chelsea priced up as 11-10 favourites, with Liverpool available at 12-5, while the draw is 11-5.
Pre-match niceties

Anfield is wedged tonight and Liverpool's fans are taking their role as 12th man seriously, instilling a spot of pre-match terror into their opponents by belting out a crowd-pleaser from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Carousel. The teams emerge from the tunnel to a rapturous reception and line up for the fancy Champions League music in front of banners bearing each team's crest.

Players on yellow cards

Liverpool: Steve Finnan, Jamie Carragher, Dietmar Hamann.
Chelsea: Ricardo Carvalho and William Gallas from Chelsea.

1 min: Liverpool kick off, playing from left to right into the Kop. Chelsea launch the first attack of note, but Luis Garcia dispossesses William Gallas on the left.

2 mins: Chelsea win a free-kick on the left, just inside Liverpool's half. Frank Lampard hoists it into the penalty area, where Jerzy Dudek comes off his line and plucks the ball from the sky.

3 mins: Liverpool 1 - 0 Chelsea
(Agg: 1-0) What a start for Liverpool! Garcia puts them ahead after Milan Baros had been put through by a lovely dinked pass from Steven Gerrard. The Czech Republic striker tried to lift the ball over the onrushing Petr Cech, who promptly floored him. As Baros appealed for a penalty, Luis Garcia poked the ball goalwards from a couple of yards out. Despite William Gallas's best attempts to hook it clear, the referee points to the centre-circle after his assistant deemed it to have crossed the line.

6 mins: That was fantastic play from Liverpool. Gerrard's ball through the centre for Baros was inch-perfect and if Liverpool hadn't scored, they'd almost certainly have got a penalty and seen Petr Cech get sent off. Which would have been better for them, really.

8 mins: Milan Baros gets booked for a late tackle on Ricarod Carvalho. It was soft enough, which doesn't bode well for the five players on the field who will miss the final should they get booked tonight.

11 mins: Eidur Gudjohnsen does well to win the ball and make his way into the Liverpool penalty area. When it looked as if he might shoot from the left hand side, he attempts to cross instead. His pass is cut out by the forehead of the authoritative Sami Hyypia.

12 mins: Deep in chelsea territory, Steven Gerrard attempts a 20-yard pass out to the left, but his wayward pass goes straight to Geremi.

15 mins: Didier Drogba picks up the ball on the right wing and cuts inside. With Tiago screaming for the ball at the far post and ne'er a defender in sight, Drogba attempts to get the ball on to his stronger foot before crossing. This unecessary manouvre allows Jamie Carragher to make up ground, stick out a leg and dispossess the Chelsea striker. Very poor.

17 mins: Anything Steven Gerrard can do, Frank Lampard can do worse, it seems. The Chelsea No8 picks up a pass from William Gallas and promptly gives the ball away to his opposite number, Steven Gerrard.

19 mins: Eidur Gudjohnsen goes on a good run through the centre, only to be relieved of the ball by a robust challenge from Didi Hamann. On ITV1, co-commentator Andy Townsend is stressing the need for Chelsea to get Frank Lampard and Joe Cole more involved in the game, particularly in the absence of their wide players Arjen Robben and El Duffer.

21 mins: "So just because Garcia scored Cech gets to stay on the field?" inquires Paul in Tampa. "Doesn't really seem right does it? Very impressed, by the way, with the praise you gave out for Liverpool. Makes a change!"

Well, it's a bit like dealing with a child or a puppy, Paul. If they do something to earn praise, you dish it out. If they don't deserve praise, you don't give them any. It's just that where a child or a puppy is concerned, you don't get inundated with abusive emails from paranoid Scousers who think you're "bitter", just because you have the temerity to observe that Djimi Traore might be a bit hapless from time to time.

24 mins: Luis Garcia dawdles on the ball just outside his own penalty area and is robbed by Frank Lampard. The Chelsea midfielder picks out Joe Cole with a deft pass to the left of the penalty area, but under pressure from the on-rushing Jerzy Dudek, his cross to the far post is over-cooked.

27 mins: Dietmar Hamann and Didier Drogba both see quarter-chances saved, before Steven Gerrard attempts to send a cross into the Chelsea penalty area from the right. It strikes John Terry's arm and the shout goes up for hand-ball. The referee waves play on, deeming it accidental. It wouldn't have been a penalty anyway, as Terry was standing just outside the box.

29 mins: Jamie Carragher wants to be careful. He's on a yellow card and has been penalised for fouls on Joe Cole and Didier Drogba that could have earned him the booking that would keep him out of the final, should Liverpool win this match: Calm down, Jamie! Calm down!

32 mins: Milan Baros goes to ground holding his face after a collision with John Terry. Terry then starts moaning at the refereeing, saying that Baros keeps backing into him. Meanwhile at the far end of the field, the much-maligned Djimi Traore does very well to shepherd Geremi and the ball out of play, thus putting a stop to the full-back's dangerous looking gallop.

36 mins: Liverpool attack. Steve Finnan sends a high ball into the Chelsea penalty area, but his pass is too high and it scuffs off the top of Baros's head and goes wide. Having made a good run into space on the right, Steven Gerrard gives Hamann a bollocking for not passing to him instead. Call me a wet Guardianista liberal, but a bit of peace, love and understanding wouldn't go astray.

38 mins: William Gallas wins a corner for Chelsea off Jamie Carragher, but Liverpool clear Frank Lampard's inswinger easily. Chelsea haven't looked at all impressive or dangerous tonight and could well head for London tonight with their Premiership-winning tails between their legs.

41 mins: Didier Drogba goes down injured after getting a nudge from Jamie Carragher, then rolls around as if having some manner of seizure. As the unsympathetic boos echo around the stadium, he gets some treatment and continues, albeit with a bit of a limp.

43 mins: "Hey, anyone named Barry has to be a Scouser," writes Jeff. "Whatever happened to unbiased reporting? Oh, but this is the Guardian. Not a lot of Guardian readership in Chelsea, eh? Of course, not a lot of any reading near Anfield." [The views expressed in this match report are not necessarily etc. and so on].

44 mins: Luis Garcia goes down holding his face after taking a bit of a slap from Tiago as they contested a 50-50 ball. He'll live.


45 mins: Chelsea get the second half underway, as the ITV1 experts continue to ruminate over whether the Liverpool goal should have stood or not. It's hard to know whether the ball crossed the line or not, but the concensus seems to be that the referee gave Liverpool the goal rather than award them a penalty and send off Petr Cech.

48 mins: Chelsea are getting nowhere in their attempts to break down Liverpool's predictably crowded midfield. If they lose tonight, Jose Mourinho and his players will probably trot out the of-course-we're-disappointed-but-our-main-aim-this-year-was-to-win-the-Premiership excuse. Will anyone believe a word of it? Will they heck.

51 mins: Eidur Gudjohnsen is made leave the field with a blood injury after getting caught in the eye by Djimi Traore's flailing boot. He's not one bit happy and makes his feelings clear to the referee. Liverpool attack and Steven Gerrard sends a cross from deep towards Milan Baros in the penalty area. It's cut out and Chelsea clear courtesy of Lampard.

53 mins: A Chelsea move through the centre comes unstuck when Jamie Carragher dispossesses Tiago with a terrific tackle. Chelsea are attacking in waves without looking particularly dangerous. The Liverpool defence is playing ever so well - even the normally suspect Djimi Traore is playing a blinder.

56 mins: Chelsea lose the ball again - Djimi Traore does the honours with a wonderful tackle. I've never seen him play this well before.

57 mins: Another Chelsea attack is broken up when Eidur Gudjohnsen is relieved of the ball by Steve Finnan. Liverpool substitution: Djibril Cisse for Milan Baros. With his head looking like an aeriel view of an extravagant series of crop circles, Djibril Cisse takes over the role of lone frontman for Liverpool.

61 mins: Free-kick for Chelsea about 35 yards out, slightly to the right of centre. Geremi runs over it, then Didier Drogba sends it over wall and crossbar. A waste. Drogba is having a shocker tonight.

63 mins: Great play from Djibril Cisse. He tackles Frank Lampard in the centre-circle and wins the ball. Incorrectly presuming he'd won a free-kick, Lampard grabs the ball only to be penalised for handling it. Moments later, Eidur Gudhjohnsen is cheered by the Kop as he tries an ambitious shot that doesn't come off.

65 mins: Another free-kick for Chelsea, in much the same place as the last one - about 35 yards out, slightly to the right of centre. Drogba runs over it and Lampard strikes low, hard and to Jerzy Dudek's right. The Pole gets down well to parry the ball around the post for a corner. Great strike, excellent save. It's the first one he's had to make tonight.

68 mins: Chelsea substitutions: Joe Cole and Tiago off, Arjen Robben and Mateja Kezman on. Robben takes up a position wide on the left, while Kezman goes up to support Didier Drogba.

69 mins: Arjen Robben's first cross of the night fails to find Didier Drogba and is cut out by Sami Hyypia. Meanwhile, Uefa's officials all over Europe can sleep easy in their beds tonight: "After playing with the slow mo on my PVR I deem that ball was well, well over the line," declares Guy Harvey. You see - it only took Guy 63 minutes to decide that and to think some people say video referees would slow down the game of football too much.

71 mins: The football's not great but it's absorbing stuff. Liverpool's players seem incapable of holding on to the ball, while Chelsea are just launching bomb after bomb into the Liverpool box, only to see each one promptly despatched back up the field. Ricardo Carvalho is lucky to escape a booking for a late lunge on Luis Garcia. Liverpool substitution: Harry Kewell for Dietmar Hamann.

74 mins: Robben and Gallas combine in a cross-field one-two, which sees the Dutchman being teed up for a shot on goal about 15 yards out. Jamie Carragher blocks his effort with a fine tackle. Moments later, Robben sends a long-range effort over the bar. Chelsea substitution: Huth for Geremi. Centre-half Robert Huth appears to have been sent on to play as a centre-forward.

76 mins: Harry Kewell gets in a low cross from the left, but William Gallas saves Chelsea's bacon with a near-post clearance as Cisse was lurking. From the ensuing corner, Cisse went close again with a header that didn't have enough power behind it to trouble Cech.

78 mins: A 50-50 ball bounces in the Liverpool penalty area between Jamie Carragher and Didier Drogba. The way they're both playing tonight there's only ever going to be one winner of that contest, and the Liverpool centre-half hacks the ball clear. Liverpool still lead, but a Chelsea equaliser will see Jose Mourinho's go through.

80 mins: With more men up front, Chelsea are starting to carve out a few scoring chances, but are looking totally exposed at the back. Liverpool, naturally, are looking more and more dangerous on the break, but Harry Kewell squanders a great opportunity by conceding a throw with a wayward pass that was intended for John Arne Riise.

82 mins: The ball is whipped into the Liverpool box form the left, only for Didier Drogba (missed header) and Mateja Kezman (missed contact of any kind) to miss easy chances. From the ensuing corner, Djibril Cisse wins the ball on the edge of the box and goes pelting up the field towards the Chelsea goal. William Gallas intervenes to win the ball from him. Liverpool substitution: Nunez for Garcia. Meanwhile the game is delayed as a couple of pitch-invaders are dealt with.

85 mins: I'm not too bothered about who wins this match and my guts are churning, so I shudder to think how Liverpool or Chelsea fans must be feeling in these closing minutes. Robben wins the ball in midfield, but gives it away cheaply to Igor Biscan. He's been fairly rusty-looking since he came on and his touch has temporarily deserted him.

87 mins: Three minutes to go - can Liverpool hang on? Robben and Huth combine down the left flank, before Makelele sends the ball wide to the right. The ball finds its way back into the centre, where an Eidur Gudjohnsen pile-driver is charged down by Steven Gerrard. Liverpool break and Djibril Cisse wins a corner when his low shot is deflected wide by Ricardo Carvalho.

90 mins: There will be six added minutes! Six! I have no idea where the officials got all those from. It must be because of the two pitch invaders, but they can't have held the match up for more than a minute between them.

90 + 1 mins: Cisse, who's been excellent since coming on, does well to hold the ball in the corner, deep in Chelsea territory. He's fouled and wins a free-kick, the taking of which is further delayed by a spot of "afters" between himself and John Terry. The ball stays deep in Chelsea territory, which is good news for Liverpool fans. Chelsea can't score from there.

90 + 3 mins: Cisse blows a decent chance to seal the win for Liverpool, when Petr Cech saves his feeble attempt to lift the ball over him after being put clean through. Tactics, shape and formations have gone out the window now as Liverpool strive to protect their lead.

90 + 5 mins: With the goal gaping, the ball sits up nicely for Eidur Gudjohnsen at the far post. He shoots across the face of goal and wide - a horrific miss at any time, but here it couldn't be costlier. How on earth did he miss?

90 + 6 mins: Who's special now, Jose? The referee brings proceedings to a close with a shrill blast of his whistle. Liverpool are in the final of the 2005 Champions League and good luck to them - they defended brilliantly tonight and deserved to win. Expect the serenity of the Gudjohnsen domicile to be rent asunder by agonising screams for some time to come. How the in the name of all that's good and holy did Eidur miss such a great chance to snatch it for Chelsea at the death? Still, Chelsea have got their Premiership pot and Carling Cup in the bag, so I'm sure they'll be delighted with those trophy wins, which have not been rendered in any way hollow by tonight's defeat. Bless.

Jose Mourinho's post-match comments: "The best team lost. The linesman thought they scored one goal and we didn't score, so we lost. I don't want to criticise them but they played the way they want; they fought and fought and fought. Of course we are disappointed, but I am very proud of my players."

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