Bob Paisley - This is your Life discovered!!

Every other month for years I have looked for This is Your life with Bob Paisley, hosted by Eamonn Andrews on Thames TV. The show was recorded on 12th November 1977 and broadcast on 28th December 1977. The original recordings had been destroyed and it was only in the faint hope that someone who had recorded this on VHS back in 1977 would one day upload this. That has finally come true thanks to a man by the name of Pete Day. 

I have only seen stills from this so to see the show come alive is magical. Love seeing and hearing Billy Liddell for the first time and Paisley's reaction to Shankly's appearance is priceless and says more than thousand words about their relationship. So sit back and enjoy the show in all its glory! The Holy Grail has been found!

The official page of this episode of the show.

Arnie Baldursson ([email protected])


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