Celebrating the 60's legends!

A commemorative dinner was held recently at Anfield to celebrate Liverpool's 50 years in Europe and winning the FA Cup for the first time in 1965. The nucleus of the 1964-65 team was present and Adrian Killen as well who took these photos.

Bobby Graham (137 games, 42 goals) and Ron Yeats (454 games, 16 goals)

 The FA Cup made an appearance as well

Gordon Milne (282 games, 18 goals) and Roger Hunt (492 games, 286 goals)

Tommy Lawrence (390 games) and Chris Lawler (549 games, 61 goals)

Roy Evans (11 games - Manager 1994-1998)

Ian St John (425 games, 118 goals)

Gordon Wallace (22 games, 6 goals)

Willie Stevenson (241 games, 18 goals)

 Ian Callaghan (857 games, 68 goals)

These men were all present at the celebration at Anfield - images from the 1964-65 season

Tommy Lawrence   Chris Lawler
Tommy Lawrence                                               Chris Lawler
Gordon Milne   
Gordon Milne                                                     Willie Stevenson

Ron Yeats                                                          Ian St John

"Sir" Roger Hunt                                               Ian Callaghan

Images from Anfield are copyright of Adrian Killen

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