A gamble gone wrong!

Richard Forshaw, aged 36, the well-known former inside-right with the Liverpool and Everton Football Clubs, appeared in the dock at Liverpool to-day accused of stealing as bailee £100, the property of Richard Green, of Alexandra Drive, Liverpool.
M.T.A. Smith, prosecuting, said Mr. Green knew Forshaw as a professional footballer and last June gave him £100 and asked him to place the money on Grand Salute for the Royal Hunt Cup.
Forshaw subsequently produced vouchers showing the money had been placed with three bookmakers at prices which entitled him, if the horse won, to over £2,000.
The horse did win at odds of 33 to 1 and Forshaw disappeared.
It was then found that the bets actually made were £2 each way with three bookmakers and in respect of those bets accused had drawn £18 10s. The vouchers had been altered to represent to Mr. Green that the whole of his £100 had been placed with the bookmakers.
A warrant was issued but the man was not traced until yesterday when he was found at an address in Kilburn, London.
When the warrant was read over to him, Forshaw replied, “I don’t know what it is all about.”
He was remanded for seven days and allowed bail in £20.

Copyright - Evening Telegraph - published on 27-04-1932 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen


Forshaw sentenced to hard labour
Richard Forshaw (38), described as a salesman, of Kilburn, pleaded guilty at the London Session, yesterday, to four charges of theft, and he was sentenced to 17 months’ hard labour.
It was stated that Forshaw had been a professional footballer and has played for Everton, Liverpool, and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Copyright  - Western Daily Press, published on 07-11-1933 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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