Forshaw forced a hat-trick

A heavy ground and rain were a sore trial to Derby County at Everton on Good Friday, and to-day (Saturday) at Liverpool they had to play on an enclosure covered for the most part with clinging mud. Luckily, the rainy morning had given place to a bright afternoon, and 30,000 spectators assembled to witness a gamefraught with great consequences to the visiting club. As compared with the team which drew with Oldham, Liverpool made two changes, Bamber and Wadsworth in the half back line being replaced by Lacey and Matthews. The Derby side was unaltered.

1st Half:
** Atkin elected to take advantage of a slight breeze, and Derby were early pressing. Leonard passed out to Quantrill, and the wing man returned the ball for Wightman to send in a a hard drive. McKinlay only partially saving.
** Next Thornewell was prominent on the opposite wing, and he and Leonard worked within shooting range. The winger’s centre put the ball too far forward, and Scott got it away.
** INJURY: A Liverpool advance was pulled up by Barbour, who a minute later, in beating J. Miller, sustained a nasty rap on the ankle, but was able to play on after attention.
** Waterhouse twice interposed when the Liverpool left forced matters, but on a third occasion Pearson got in a centre and Waterhouse robbed T. Miller, who was steadying himself to shoot. This gave Liverpool a corner, and Kidd fisted away a nice header from Forshaw.
** Liverpool came again, and J. Miller dropped the ball straight in front of the post. T. Miller, instead of shooting with care, tried a first timer, and Kidd going down with the ball, the referee had to stop the game to save the custodian being injured by the Liverpool forwards who rushed on him.
** Up to this point Liverpool had had the better of matters, and when the Derby forwards were advancing in a smart passing movement, Burton was ruled offside, while Leonard was also pulled for a similar infringement.
** The following attack saw Lyons accept from Leonard, and the former shot outside when badly pressed by McKinlay.
** With the players slipping about not a few of the passing movements went wrong, and the ball pulled up in the mud or shot forward in a disconcerting manner.
** Atkin and Barbour were kicking surely under strong pressure, and from one clearance Quantrill broke away and beat Lacey and Longworth before centring squarely. Lyon was with him, and sent in a grounder which Scott stopped just outside the upright.
** Even more dangerous was the next advance taken part in by the Derby left. Burton centred finely, and Leonard got his head to the ball despite McKinlay’s attentions, sending wide with Scott well beaten.
** The Derby forwards were swinging the ball about nicely, and Leonard was distinctly unfortunate to be pulled up for lying too far forward.
** A long kick by Bromilow set the “Rams” defending, but Lacey, without waiting to get to close quarters, tried a low drive which went outside.
** A strong appeal for a penalty against Barbour, who fell in saving, was disregarded, and a brilliant run by Leonard was next seen. Lyons gave him the ball on the half way line, and, refusing to be bustled off it by McKinlay for several yards, he stepped over it, and close to the post passed to Quantrill. The wing man shot low, but Scott went down and saved his charge.
** GOAL: Pearson and Chambers were a continual worry to Waterhouse on the left, and once when he was beaten Atkin went out to give him a lift. The ball bounced against his hand, and after ignoring an appeal for a penalty the referee awarded a corner. From this, accurately taken, Forshaw headed in past Kidd’s hands. This success came after half an hour’s play.
** Leonard was responsible for a pretty run from the restart, only for Burton to finish up the movement by shooting wide.
** A succession of midfield slips and miskicks highly delighted the crowd, and showed the difficulties under which the game was being played.
** Withal, Derby’s halves and backs were defending well.
** Wightman had to receive attention after a tussle with T. Miller. The Liverpool centre was playing a worrying game, but when he rushed to a pass from Pearson Atkin was too quick for him. Pearson returned to send behind from a difficult angle.
** In Liverpool’s next advance Forshaw got through and shot, Kidd diving after the ball and bringing off a wonderful save with his fist. The ball passed out to Chambers who drove wide.
** The Derby forwards then attacked, and Leonard made it possible for Lyons to get away on his own. In beating Longworth on the run he pushed the ball out of reach and was beaten by Scott, who ran out and fell on the ball. Lyons went headlong over the keeper, who threw away, before collapsing and being massaged.

2nd Half:
** Thornewell was first noticeable on the resumption in making headway on the wing, but he was held off the ball by McKinlay, and the attack ended in Lamph taking luck from long range and sending high.
** GOAL: Chambers and Pearson transferred play, the wing man centring when pressed by Atkin. The ball went almost to the touchline again, and Pearson dropped it right at the foot of Forshaw, who with terrific force drove it low into the net, giving Kidd no chance, though he went full length.
** In a brief incursion by Derby, Quantrill found Longworth in the way when he shot, and Derby’s goal had a “life” when Atkin cleared, and Forshaw dashed in. The latter’s shot was wide, however.
** The sun came out hereabouts, but it hindered Liverpool very little, for they played with understanding, and were giving the Derby halves and backs a hot time.
** Forshaw, with a first timer close in, hit the side net, and T. Miller also had a shot. Atkin failed to stop the ball, but luckily Kidd was prepared, and he saved a spinning ball with difficulty.
** Pearson tried a run on his own, and neatly beat Atkin to be stopped by Barbour.
** Derby were making little use of their wing men, and when Barbour did give Quantrill a chance the winger took the ball almost to the goal-line before centring into the goal mouth. Scott fisted over, and an abortive corner resulted.
** Atkin went down on his stomach to head away a shot from Forshaw, and Derby’s next advance was initiated by Burton and Quantrill. The latter lifted the ball across to Thornewell, who returned it. Lyons hesitated, and lost a chance of shooting, transferring the ball to Leonard, who was offside.
** GOAL: Again Pearson beat the Derby defence and centred, and T. Miller took the ball to the front of goal and passed to Forshaw. Though Waterhouse got across he was a fraction of a second too late to stop Forshaw shooting in Liverpool’s third goal.
** Straight from the restart Liverpool went through, and Kidd saved from T. Miller.
** DISALLOWED GOAL: Then Forshaw netted once more, but was pulled up for offside.
** Leonard spoiled a Derby attack by his old fault of lying too far up, and Quantrill missed a chance. He made a glorious run along the wing and closed in to have his shot smothered by Scott when he might have centred to his inside man.
** The Liverpool forwards by pretty football were having the better of the argument with the Derby defenders, who were not so dependable as usual, and it was lucky the homesters’ shooting was not to be relied on.
** Occasionally Derby were within range, and once when a pass by Burton ought to have been turned into a goal by Leonard or Thornewell, both unmarked, Leonard made as if to take it and put Thornewell off, and then fumbled about till the ball rolled over the line without being touched.
** Liverpool attacked further without being dangerous.

Derby Daily Telegraph, 06-04-1920 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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