Two penalties baffle Anfield

A bran tub at a church fete doesn't provide half the surprise that Liverpool give their fans. And what a surprise packet this was, with down-the-table Lincoln giving the Anfielders their first League defeat at home this year.

At the end the crowd booed referee Tirebruck, but though he gave some queer decisions they couldn't blame him for this defeat.

Liverpool never looked like winning even when they were put back in the game in the 31st minute by a penalty that should never have been. The ball merely bounced on Smith's shoulder as he was clearing.

Moran banged the ball in from the spot to bring Lincoln's lead down to 2-1 but Lincoln refused to be rattled and wore out Liverpool by a superb defensive display.

They got some compensation for the Liverpool penalty when, in the 64th minute, they were awarded an equally mysterious one.

Graver seemed to fall as the advancing Slater dived for the ball, but the referee pointed to the spot. Linnecor smashed the ball through to give him his hat-trick. His two other goals were from snap shots.

Late on Liddell and A'Court switched wings but still Liverpool could find no way through. Hunt had a couple of shots just over the bar and two Hickson headers scraped the post but there was no comparison between the two lines.

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