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Date of death - 25 July 2014
The date of death has been added to the relevant player profiles.
Honours in player profiles - 24 July 2014
We have added Honours to our already detailed player profiles like for example in Steven Gerrard's profile
Penalty shoot outs - 26 January 2013
We've also updated our penalty shoot out section of the site. All those penalty shootouts are now properly stored in our database and can be used for stats.
Click here to view our penalty shoot out page.
Kickoff times - 26 January 2013
With massive help from our friend Torsten Probst we've been adding kickoff times to all the official matches in our database. We have now every kick off time from 1900 to 2013.
Goalkeeper clean sheets - 26 January 2013
We've added a page under the stats section with goalkeeper clean sheets. Click here to view it.
The website is now hosted in the UK - 7 January 2013
From 2003 this website has been using webhosting providers in USA. In December 2012, we decided to move to a provider in the UK. This change became active on 1.1.2013 when we moved all our data to eHosting.com. The website is now a lot faster for everyone in Europe. Enjoy!
The League table from every round! - 28 December 2012
The League table from every round since 1893! Do you want to see how the League standings of every team progressed through every League season in Liverpool's history. Wonder no more.
Average age in match reports - 28 December 2012
We just added a new feature to our match reports, you can now see the average of the starting eleven for both the Liverpool and the opposition team.
New In Player profiles! - 17 August 2012
Now it is possible to see how many games a player featured in opposite LFC in his Liverpool player profile. Here is an example of Peter Beardsley. The Geordie played 22 games against Liverpool and scored two goals and if you click his stats you will go straight to his profile in the "Opposition"-section of our site.
Check various newspaper reports - 9 November 2011
Thanks to Graeme Riley from this season onwards we will provide a good selection of newspaper reports linked inside the relevant match report. Here is an example from the recent Stoke game..
Result Search - more features - 26 August 2011
Now you can divide the games in our Result Search to Home, away and neutral venues and see the accompanying stats. As an example here are our matches against Arsenal - the new feature is the dropbox far right.
Improved Player search - 27 June 2011
Now you can more readily search our database of players. Give it a try - it works wonders!
Referee information now available - 17 June 2011
We've added information about who was the referee to about 2000 matches in our database. We have more or less everything from the two decades and all our european matches. This is something we'll keep working on in the future. We've also added some referee statistics for the Premier League matches here.
Liverpool's complete league history - 1 May 2011
On this single page you can easily compare how many points Liverpool have obtained each season, compare the number of home/away wins, draws and defeats and etc.
League position after each game - 26 April 2011
We just added a new feature to the site, now you can see how each game affected our league position. This includes all seasons except the current one. You can see this new feature here.
Details of John Jones available - 7 December 2010
The picture and birthdate of Elisha Scott's reserve keeper, John Jones, have been added. Thanks to David, his grandson.
World Cup stats page and All internationals - 19 July 2010
LFChistory has a special World Cup stats page where you can see which Liverpool players have featured in the World Cup since 1950. Click here to go to the World Cup page. And HERE you can see an overview of all the internationals in Liverpool's history.
Player profiles updated - 29 May 2010
All profiles of the players from the 2009-2010 season have been updated. Chris Wood, who's written most of the player profiles on LFChistory, updated the profiles of the current players as well as of former Liverpool players who are still playing for other clubs.
Shankly day! - 1 December 2009
It hasn't escaped anyone's attention that it is now 50 years ago today that Bill Shankly signed a contract as Liverpool's new manager. There are some wonderful tributes to him at the official website, Liverpoolfc.tv, and great letters from fans at the Liverpool Echo website which you should have a look at! David Prentice's Echo interview with the one and only Peter Robinson cannot be missed! You can also of course read all about his fantastic life at Shankly.com!
Lancashire Senior Cup - 15 November 2009
LFChistory.net has added 100+ games in the Lancashire Senior Cup which are listed in the 'friendly games' section of their relevant seasons.

Liverpool used their strongest team to compete in the Lancashire Senior Cup since the club first took part in this prestigious competition in the 1892-93 season. LFChistory.net has the results and line-ups until the 1946-47 season after which Liverpool used their reserves. We do include the 1956 and 1959 finals when the first team was used.

During World War I, only one season was played, in 1918-19, when the competition was known as the Lancashire Section Subsidiary Competition. In seasons 1919-20 to 1922-23 1st division games with Lancashire rivals, Bolton and Everton, also counted as games in the Lancashire Senior Cup. In World War II, games in the Liverpool Senior cup also counted towards points in the Football League Northern.

Liverpool have won the Lancashire Senior Cup ten times: 1918-19, 1919-20 (shared), 1923-24, 1930-31, 1932-33, 1943-44, 1946-47, 1955-56, 1958-59, 1972-73.
Hillsborough tribute page - 12 August 2009
Have a look at our new Hillsborough page on LFChistory.net that gives you all-important links to current news, downloadable pdfs, archived reports and tributes to the 96! Learn about the ongoing fight for justice!
Look us up on Facebook - 12 June 2009
LFCHistory can now be found on Facebook. Please click here to see our page.
Relaunch of BobPaisley.com - 3 April 2009
LFCHistory.net are proud to announce the relaunch of BobPaisley.com, the ultimate guide to Liverpool's most successful manager. BobPaisley.com offers a detailed overview of Paisley's career as a player, physio and manager. There was no finer judge of a player than Paisley and you can discover who Paisley rates as his greatest ever XI and read his views on several players from the Reds' illustrious history. You can also spend a fair amount of time reading a number of tributes to Paisley in quotes, short stories and poems.
Friendly line-ups all included - 11 March 2009
We have been hard at work putting in line-ups from friendlies into our Season Archive and now we have finished all the way back to the 1892-1893 season.
The relaunch of Shankly.com - 18 February 2009
Shankly.com was relaunched by LFChistory.net on 17th February 2009. The original website was created in 1997 by Derek Dohren. LFChistory.net bought Shankly.com in February 2008 to revitalize the website to become the definitive internet resource of football's GREATEST.

LFChistory.net felt it was important to launch the new Shankly.com with the blessing of the Shankly family, which we are pleased to say we have received. Enjoy!
The launch of Billyliddell.com - 10 January 2009
LFChistory.net today launched billyliddell.com when Billy would have celebrated his 87th birthday. LFChistory.net has been in good contact with Rena Liddell, Billy's only sister, since February 2008 and received priceless photos and press cuttings from Billy's life and times. Along with a collection of quotes and articles we hope this website will do King Billy justice.
International caps update - 17 October 2008
Caps of both former and present Liverpool players have been updated in their relevant profiles. This is the only stat in player profiles that is not based on our database. Their total is in most cases established from the websites of their respective football associations. However totals for Sissoko of Mali and Diouf and Diao of Senegal are unconfirmed and most likely they have played more games than we have listed.
Goalkeeper stats updated - 9 October 2008
Goalkeeper stats now include last season, 2007-8. On this page you can find stats for every one of the 59 goalkeepers who have played for Liverpool: http://www.lfchistory.net/stats_articles_view.asp?article_Id=27
Player profiles updated - 7 July 2008
All profiles of the players from the 2007-8 season have been updated. Chris Wood, who's written most of the player profiles on LFChistory, updated the profiles of the current players.
Winner of Jan Mølby competition - 8 April 2008
lfchistory.net got one cd with the great Jan Mølby from 60mins.tv to give away. Our readers simply had to answer one question correctly: Jan Mølby was a legendary penalty taker for Liverpool, but how many penalties did he miss for Liverpool in his career?

The right answer was: In his career with Liverpool FC, Jan Mølby missed 3 penalties (against Sheffield Wednesday, Queen's Park Rangers and Chelsea).

The winner of the competition is Adrian Nicoara. Congratulations. Thanks to all who participated!
Friendly line-ups - 28 March 2008
We have been hard at work putting in line-ups from friendlies into our Season Archive and so far we have finished 2008-1933. As you see we are working our way backwards and after the next phase we will finish right up to the 1892-1893 season.
New game totals for Toshack, Peter Thompson and Boersma - 7 November 2007
Phil Boersma's total number of games has been changed from 121 to 120 games after we deleted a substitution appearance for him vs West Brom on 1 April 1972 that according to a number of Liverpool statisticians never took place contrary to earlier reports.

Peter Thompson's total number of games has been changed from 415 to 416 games after we added a substitution appearance for him in the 1971 Charity Shield game that had escaped the attention of Liverpool stat books so far.

John Toshack's total number of games has been changed from 246 to 247 games after we added a substitution appearance for him in the 1971 Charity Shield game that had escaped the attention of Liverpool stat books so far.
Ted MacDougall added to player list - 4 September 2007
Ted MacDougall has been added to the players' list. These players have all appeared on Liverpool's teamsheet since the 1892/93 season. Quite a few have never made an appearance for the first team, but have at least made the bench at one time or another. We are always trying to get as much detailed information about any game as possible and MacDoguall was added when we received info about unused subs from the 1966-67 season. Here is his profile (http://www.lfchistory.net/player_profile.asp?player_id=1184).
2007-2008 squad online and current players have been updated - 29 July 2007
Liverpool's 2007-2008 squad is online at LFChistory and current players have all been updated (http://www.lfchistory.net/seasonsquad.asp?Season_id=117).
Torres the new record signing for Liverpool on 4th of July - 7 July 2007
Fernando Torres became Liverpool's new record signing when he was bought for reported 20,2 million pounds from Atletico Madrid. Liverpool's new American owners and Rafa signalling their intentions. Surely a coincidence he was paraded at Anfield on 4th of July, USA's independence day?
Ever-present players - 20 February 2007
A list of ever-present players, who played every single game during one season can be found under Appearances in Stats.
Most consecutive games - 18 February 2007
We have created a list of players who have played 100 or more consecutive games for Liverpool. It can be found under Appearances in Stats.
Press reports from Shankly's first season - 11 February 2007
We have added press reports in the Season archive for all the 44 games in the 1959-60 season, a historic season as it was Shankly's first at Liverpool. Just click on the games in the Season archive and you will see the link to each game's press report.
Match programmes - 28 January 2007
We've added scans of match programmes to most of the FA Cup, League Cup and European Cup finals. Also from some league matches.
You can find the images under the relevant matches. Look for "Related images".
If you have a scanned copy of a match programme that we don't have, send it to us and we'll add it to the website.
800 press reports online for games since 1991! - 24 January 2007
We have now press reports online for majority of Liverpool's games since 1991, a total of +800 match reports! Just click on the games in the Season archive and you will see the link to each game's press report. We have also linked several press reports to relevant players' profiles so you can see which games they excelled in.
Hat-trick lists - 23 November 2006
We have merged together the hat-trick list and the list of goalscorers with four or more goals in a match. It is also now possible to view the list sorted by either matchdate or amount of goals scored. You can also see total number of hat-tricks player by player. These lists can be found in our stats section of the site.
More details in player's profiles - 14 November 2006
We have just added more detailed information to several players on LFChistory.net, especially to players early in Liverpool's history. Before we had professional clubs they had played for in their career, but we have added a number of amateur clubs as well.

It's been tricky to find player's birthdays especially of those who were born in the 19th century or early 20th century but we have replaced quite a few "unknown" birthdates with their date of birth or at least the year of their birth. The "unknown" list has been shortened from 74 players to only 22. The players that are left are mostly relative unknowns in Liverpool's history in regarding how few games they played for the club.
Transfer database completed - 13 November 2006
Now you can look for transfers to and from Liverpool by seasons, managers and clubs. For example; if you want to see Liverpool transfer dealings in the 1922-23 season or any other season, if you want to see which transfers Tom Watson made in his time at the club or find out which club we have done most business with. Simply click on Transfers in the top menu.
Wartime stats in players' profiles - 11 November 2006
Now you can see how many games and goals each relevant player played when WWI and WWII put league football on hold. Thomas Bennett (http://lfchistory.net/player_profile.asp?player_id=538), for example, played one official game for Liverpool and didn't score, but in wartime he played 70 games for Liverpool and scored 77 goals.
Three new players for the first time on LFC's teamsheet - 26 October 2006
Three new players were for the first time on the teamsheet in an official match for Liverpool's first-team against Reading in the Carling Cup on 25th of October 2006: James Smith, Danny Guthrie and David Martin.
Correct info on John Thomas Cox on LFChistory - 28 July 2006
John Thomas "Jack" Cox was said to have been born in Blackpool on 21.11.1876 in Who's Who of Liverpool 1892-1989 by Doug Lamming, but we now have info from his birth certificate which is in no doubt the ultimate source. Cox indeed lived in Blackpool, but he moved there 3/4 years old after being born on 266 Vauxhall Road in Liverpool on 21.12.1877. Cox died on 11th November 1955 in Walton on Thames, Surrey.
500 Kop quotes online! - 6 July 2006
We have added about 100 Kop quotes to our site and thus we have passed the 500 mark. These quotes are mainly from Liverpool players and managers past and present. They are on the left side on the front page. You can look for a quote attributed to a specific player/manager by checking out his player/manager profile.
3 new players added - McAuley, Webb and Wardle - 5 July 2006
We have added three new players who were unused subs in Europe: Hughie McAuley, John Webb and Bob Wardle.
European unused subs - 12 April 2006
With the help of Eric Doig we've added the unused subs from the European matches in 1970-1971 and 1971-1972.

Goalscoring birthdays - 9 April 2006
After Robbie Fowlers birthday goal vs Bolton we decided to look for the other goalscoring birthday players. We found about 19 other goals which can be seen in the list under the stats section. Look for "Goalscoring birthdays".
Wartime matches (Part 2) - 29 March 2006
We have now completed the lineups & goalscorers for the World War 2 period. Everything is now online with lineups and appearance & goal stats.
Wartime matches - 6 February 2006
We are now working on completing all the wartime matches along with lineups and goalscorers. We have now completed all the lineups and goalscorers for the first World War period and hopefully the second one will be online soon. Appearances and goalscorer statistics will be added later to WWII games.
LFCHistory.net on the move... - 17 January 2006
During the last few months our webhosting provider has been running into numerous problems at their end resulting in this website being unavailable. This has not gone unnoticed by many of our guests and last weekend we took the decision to move this website to another provider.
Our new webhosting provider is CrystalTech who have got an excellent record in keeping their customers very happy.
We transferred the website on sunday and everything is now running smoothly from the new host. And to top it off, the website is working faster than ever!
New statistics report - 8 December 2005
Recently we created a new Win / Draw / Lost games per month report. It shows you for example how many games liverpool won in November every year since 1892.

The report can be found by clicking the link below
Charity Shield updates - 18 November 2005
Thanks to Eric Doig we've now updated all the Charity Shield matches from 1966 to 1976 with unused subs. It meant we had to add a new player to our database. His name is Peter Spiring and he appeared on the bench in 1974. That probably was his only appearance on the bench.
Debuts - 27 October 2005
Every player debut and player goal debut are now included in the match reports.
Updated penalties section - 27 October 2005
Yesterday we finished revamping our penalties section. Now we've got total lists of scorers and failures, overview of penalties saved or missed and more.

The whole thing can be found under stats.
Detailed manager profiles - 27 October 2005
Similar to the player archive on LFChistory, we have opened a manager archive. Click a manager's name, Shankly and the ones following him, and you will get a detailed profile written mostly by Chris Wood ([email protected]), a list of the players the managers bought and sold, a stats overview of wins, draws and losses in each competition and a selection of quotes and articles.
The manager archive can be found under the stats section.
The brilliant Wooltonian featured - 24 October 2005
Wooltonian contacted LFChistory and offered his articles to us and we said, 'yes please'. We want to publish the best writers on the Net on our site and he is certainly one of them.
3 players added! - 4 June 2005
Three players have been added to the player database as we added more unused subs to European games. Goalkeeper Graham Lloyd (on the bench 16.09 and 30.09.1969 vs. Dundalk), left back Steve Hollis (on the bench once vs. Swarowski Tirol on 27.11.1991) and forward David West (14.08 and 28.09.1983 vs. Odense).
Unused Euro subs for 1991-92 added - 3 June 2005
We were missing a few unused European subs for the 1991-1992 season and one in the 1992-1993 season. Thanks to Chet Murarji this has now been completed.
Own goals by LFC players - 3 June 2005
For some time now we've been putting together a list of own goals scored by Liverpool players for the opposition. The list has now been opened for public on the site. It can be found under the Stats section.

Unused Euro subs for 1981-82 added - 11 May 2005
Unused substitutes in the European Cup 1981-82 season have been added. We are constantly on the look for for more unused Euro subs which we are missing mainly from 1969-76. Also unused subs from various games from 1982-1985 and the 1991/1992 season are missing. Thanks to Andy at liverweb for this latest information.
Player appearances - 24 April 2005
We've added a new feature into the player profiles. You can now see how many games a certain player has played versus different team. The list can be found under "appearances" in every player profile.
Appearance lists - 21 April 2005
We just finished updating our appearance lists and now you can view the complete list for all competitions or for example just the FA Cup. The list can be found under Stats / Appearances.
Div updating... - 21 April 2005
Over the last few weeks we've been working hard to update different parts of the site. We've added many missed penalties, added minute of many substitutions, added unused subs to european and league games and much much more. All in all there hardly goes a day that we don't add anything to the site.
Frontpage change.. - 21 April 2005
The frontpage of the site has been updated a little bit and now includes as a box below the calendar with quick links to our season archive.
15 profile pictures added... - 8 March 2005
We've added another 15 profile pictures to the players section. The lucky ones are: Ned Doig, Robert Crawford, James Bradley, Dick Johnson, Arthur Goddard, Tom Robertson, Jack Parkinson, Ronald Orr, John Walker, Gordon Gunson, Andrew Hannah, McVean, Harry Bradshaw, Joe McQue & Jimmy Ross. This is most likely the last big picture addition as it is very difficult to find pictures of the remaining 234 players who are still without a picture.
Kop Quote - 6 March 2005
We've now updated our Kop Quotes and from now on you will see many more different quotes appearing on the front page inside the Kop Quotes box.
Domain restructuring.... - 5 March 2005
We've been a having a few problems with some of our extra domains over the last 2-3 months and now we've finally managed to sort it all out. The site is now accessible through the following domains. www.lfchistory.net, www.liverpoolhistory.com and www.liverpoolhistory.net.
Own goals - 3 March 2005
We've been updating all the own goals scored by the opposition and have now created a list under the stats section with all the own goals. Enjoy.
119 players get their picture added... - 26 February 2005
We've added profile pictures to 119 players on the site. All those players played with the club from the period of 1892 to 1959.
Milestone goals - 24 February 2005
We've added lists under the stats section with overview over milestone goals in competitions. We'll soon add the same for games.
Career milestones - 24 February 2005
We've added a new feature to the player profiles. It is now possible see when a certain player made his 50th, 100th, 150th and etc appearance for the club. Same goes for goals. You can choose if you want to see the milestone list for all the games or just a specific competition.
Shirt numbers & goal on debut - 16 January 2005
We've created 2 new pages under the stats section. One is a overview over those players who have scored on their debut for Liverpool. The second one is a summary of which players have used different shirt numbers since fixed squad numbers were introduced in 1993-94.
Calendar update - 10 January 2005
Now it's possible to see those who scored their debut goals for the club in the calendar on the frontpage.
Minor updates - 8 January 2005
We've added debut goal to the player profiles and linked up the date to the match report. Same link up was done with the first team debut date.
Now you can also see the total articles and quotes that we've put out on the site for each player within his player. Just look for the number in the ( ) after "Articles" and "Quotes".

Sometime ago we created a overview of those who have scored on their Anfield home debut. It can be found under goalscorers in the stats section.

There's also a new report to be found under the stats/countries where we list up all the different countries where LFC has played official matches.

The captains list has also been updated with all the captains since 1892. Before it only had the ones from 1959.

Back online... - 5 January 2005
Our hosting partner had a series of technical problems yesterday and today, that resulted in this website being unavailable for over 24 hours. We're sorry about all this and hopefully those problems are behind us now.
Improved player's dates of birth - 8 December 2004
We went through dates of birth for players and have discovered more detailed dates for a few players through our research team: George Fleming, Samual Gilligan, Bertram Goode, Frank Grayer and Thomas Green. We have also added one for "Arthur" Smith whose name is in fact Alexander, corrected after our source contacted his family.
Record wins and defeats - 7 December 2004
Record wins and defeats have been added to Stats.
New forum partner - 5 November 2004
We've changed forum partners and teamed up with TalkLFC who are the fastest growing lfc fans community on the net today. Just click on the forum option in our navigation bar to visit their site or use the banner from our affiliates section.
More competition stats - 25 October 2004
We've updated the competition stats and added in a possibility to view each cup competition per round.
See here for more info.
Random game as well... - 20 October 2004
Similar to the random player profile we've created a random game feature which can be found under the season archive.
Random player profile - 20 October 2004
We've updated the site with a new feature which is a random profile player. If you look into our player section you can click on "Random player profile" and you will be sent to a page with a random player from our database.
Talk lfc match reports - 14 October 2004
We have joined up with the excellent www.talklfc.com to offer you their match reports in our archives, starting this season. If you want to have a look at more than the line-ups in our reports, talklfc's Robbie Amins gives you good insight into the game. Please visit talklfc.com for latest news and match reports.
New appearance list - 10 October 2004
We've created a new appearances list, when you view the appearances for a specific player it is now to view a complete list over every game that player played by clicking on the "view" in the black total line. It is therefore much easier to find the milestone matches for each player.
New list, Premier League All time - 10 October 2004
We've created a new list in our stats section displaying the all time Premier League table. The list can be found in the stats section.
League tables - 8 October 2004
We have added league tables to every season (except 1892-93 which we are trying to get further details of) so you can see how all teams did in comparison with LFC each season. Simply go to Season archive and choose tables from the drop down menu.
Major site news: Mission completed! - 7 October 2004
LFChistory has now the line-ups for every single season, from 1892 to 2004. 4874 games. 8423 goals. 623 players.

Click here for more information.
Added: 636 games with line-ups + 109 profiles - 27 September 2004
636 games + 109 player profiles as LFChistory adds full line-ups and goalscorers from 1899-1900 to 1914-15.

Click here for more information.
New and improved manager stats - 17 September 2004
We've changed the manager stats page and added stats for FA Cup, League Cup, Europe and the other small competitions. The new page can be found under the Stats section.
477 games added to LFChistory with line-ups - 13 September 2004
477 games from seasons 1919/20 - 1928/29 are now complete on LFChistory with line-ups & scorers. All players from seasons 1919-1929 have been added, a total of 55 new profiles.

Click here for more information.
LFChistory is 1 years old today - 8 September 2004
LFChistory is one years old today. On the 8th September 2003, we opened the website to the public. Thanks for visiting us and encouraging us to do even better.
444 new games with line-ups + 79 player profiles! - 8 September 2004
Seasons 1929/30 - 1938/39 are now complete on LFChistory with line-ups & scorers. A total of 444 games. All players from seasons 1929-1939 have been added. That is a total of 79 new player profiles!

Click here for more information.
New feature - player game search - 3 September 2004
We've created a new feature under the season archve. This one is similar to the player goal search but this time you can find every game that a player played against a specific opponent.
Detailed player profiles on lfchistory.net - 19 August 2004
Chris Wood recently gave himself the enormous task of compiling profiles on every player who has represented Liverpool’s first team from the start in 1892 until the late-1980’s.

Click here for more information.
All players from seasons 1946-1959 have been added - 17 August 2004
All players from seasons 1946-1959 have been added. The last players that have been added from this period are: Charlie Ashcroft, Eddie Spicer, Robert Priday, George Kaye, John Easdale, Cyril Done, Bob Paisley, Jack Balmer, Tom Bush, Phil Taylor, Henry Eastham, Berry Nieuwenhuys and Willie Fagan. Pictures of the players will be added later.

A more extensive news item regarding this can be found here
11 players added - 17 August 2004
11 more players have been added as individual stats for the 1946-47 season have been completed: Kevin Baron, Cyril Sidlow, Laurie Hughes, Albert Stubbins, Ray Lambert, Bill Jones, William Watkinson, Roy Minshull, Tommy McLeod, Len Carney and Stan Palk. Pictures of the players will be added later.
Dr Robin Gowers writes on programmes - 17 August 2004
Dr Robin Gowers has been collecting Liverpool Football Club programmes and memorabilia for over twenty years. He has written numerous articles relating to these for a number of publications including the official club magazine and match programme. He was responsible for a feature in last season's match programme that reviewed a 'valuable' programme in each issue.

Interest in the club's great history has surged in the last few years. This has coincided with the opening of Liverpool's museum. Having the match programme provides a direct link to the club's past and helps bring alive many memories of both the good times and the bad.
5 players are history - 16 August 2004
5 more players have been added as individual stats for the 1947-48 season have been completed: Ken Brierley, Jimmy Payne, Doug McAvoy, Les Shannon and Alex Muir. Pictures of the players will be added later.
10 new players added - 16 August 2004
10 new players have been added as individual stats for the 1950-51, 1949-50 and the 1948-49 season have been completed: Don Woan, Russell Crossley, Jack Haigh, Sam Shields, Frank Christie, Bill Shepherd, Bryan Williams, Joe Cadden, John Heydon and Peter Kippax. Pictures of the players will be added later.
Updated player penalties - 10 August 2004
The penalties list under stats has been updated with a new feature. You can now click on the total amount goals from the spot and see a list of every penalty that the player scored.
More player game lists - 10 August 2004
We've created a new list under player appearances. You can now click on the competition and see each match that the player played in that specific competition.
Linking & Banners - 10 August 2004
We've now put a special page with banners for visitors who want put a link to our website from their own websites. The page can be found under the About us section.
Liverpool in the Charity Shield - 30 July 2004
We've added a new page under the Season Archive showing every game in the Charity Shield.
More articles listed on the frontpage - 30 July 2004
We've changed things a little bit on the frontpage. Instead of showing 5 articles, it's now 10. Similar thing in the Red Corner. Now it's 20 articles per page instead of 10.
5 players added - 11 July 2004
Mervyn Jones, Brian Jackson, Steve Parr, John Smith and George Whitworth were all added as individual stats for the 1951-52 season were completed.
7 players added to the site - 7 July 2004
F. Lock, A. South, K. Burkinshaw, F. Tomley, D. Underwood, Tom McNulty and J. Evans were all added as individual stats for the 1953-54 season were completed.
Eric Doig on our side - 25 June 2004
We have been working closely with LFC statistician Eric Doig to get every single fact correct which has been wrong in official sources until now. Details will follow soon.
Every small update will be listed - 25 June 2004
Now every small update will be listed in site news. We haven't done that before as we were adding facts to the site almost every day. We will do so from now on so you can better follow our progress.
5 new players added from period 1955-1959 - 25 June 2004
Joe Dickson, Tony McNamara, Bobby Murdoch, Fred Perry and John Price have been added to the players' list. Numerous players will be added in the summer as we put stats from matches from 1946-1955 into the database.
Updated constantly - 25 June 2004
We seek to get the most detailed information about every player. We had two birthdates missing, but after a long search, Peter McDonnell and Robbie Holcroft (a photo as well) now have their dates registered.
Regarding the stats from 1946-1959. - 31 May 2004
We are currently working on the stats from this period and that's why the profiles for some of the players from this period are wrong at the moment.
It's 2 years now... - 19 May 2004
On the 18th of may 2002 the domain lfchistory.net was registered and that marks the beginning of this huge project that will most likely never end.
A new forum - 9 March 2004
In association with bOOTroom.org we have now opened up a forum to discuss our articles and stats. The forum can be found under the Extras section.
Premier League appearances now available - 7 March 2004
Somehow we forgot to publish a total list of premier league appearances, that has now been fixed and is online under the stats section.
European adventure with pics and links - 1 February 2004
We have added pictures and links to relevant games to the 1st part of the European adventure.
A new box added to the frontpage. - 20 January 2004
We've added a new box to the front page with information on Liverpool's last match and links to the stats for the season.
Minor changes across the site. - 11 January 2004
We've done minor updating on a few things today. More appearance stats have been added to each player. In the red corner archive has been changed a bit and also the guestbook.
More changes in the player's goals section - 6 January 2004
We have made a few changes to the player's goals section and introduced a few new things. It's really worth checking out.
New feature in Player goals - 1 January 2004
We've now added a feature into the player goals stats so that you get an overview against which teams the player scored against with a total number of goals per team.
Premier league stats - 27 December 2003
We've created 6 pages with stats from the premier league which can be found under the stats section.
Changes in the links section - 27 December 2003
We've changed and updated the links section which can be found under Extras.
Transfer dates linked to calendar - 24 December 2003
Readers can now see which exact date a player was bought or sold through the calendar. Remember the complete transfer database is to be found under stats.
Sending offs - 22 November 2003
We've added 2 lists into our stats section where you can see every sending off since the 1992-1993 season along with a list of which players have been sent off most often.
Updated results search - 22 November 2003
We've added a new feature to the results search. Now it's possible to only search for league matches for example.
Penalty Heroes - 14 November 2003
We've created a list with information on who has scored the most penalties since 1959. The list can be found under stats.
Liverpool & the World Cup - 12 November 2003
Lfchistory has made a list detailing how many goals and games Liverpool players have accomplished in the world's ultimate competition. The list is under Stats.
Player goal search - 2 November 2003
We've added a new search page so that you find every goal that a specific player scored against a specific club. The page can be found in the Season archive section.
We've updated the Top 15 appearance lists.. - 1 November 2003
If you check the appearances feature in the stats corner you will find top 15 lists for the League, FA Cup, League Cup and Europe along with a total top 15 list.
Hat-tricks and more than 4 goals - 1 November 2003
We've created lists with information on every hat-trick and another list with every game where a player scored 4 goals and more. Those lists are from 1959 and onwards.
More appearance stats for each player - 1 November 2003
We've added a little more to the appearance stats page for each player. Now you can see how many appearances it was per competition.
A collection of stats for each season is now online - 27 October 2003
We've added a collection of statistics for each season into the Season Archive.
Transfer database up and running - 27 October 2003
The transfer database is under Stats. An extensive look at Liverpool's transfer activity since 1959.
Countries & Players - 14 October 2003
We've added a feature so that you can see how many players we've had from England, Scotland and Norway and all the other countries. See under Stats / Countries.
Europe, FA and League Cup overviews now live - 13 October 2003
We've created an overview for every season that we've been competing in Europe, FA Cup and the League Cup. You can find it under the Season Archive.
Minor changes to the Result archive - 10 October 2003
We've improved the stats vs club section in the result archive. Now it's much more detailed on home and away games.
Added captains from 1945-1959 - 9 October 2003
More captains under stats on lfchistory.
What to expect on lfchistory - 9 October 2003
- Go down memory lane with lfchistory. Old Shoot! Focus on Grobbelaar, Neal, "Chopsy" Nicol, Kevin "Albert" McDonald and many more
- Bob Paisley's incredible insight into LFC players. We publish his opinions on the 1986-87 squad, player-by-playe
Coming up on lfchistory - 1 October 2003
More stories featuring Razor Ruddock
Win a signed photo of Michael Owen
The old Shoot! Focus featuring LFC legends reappears on lfchistory
Soon: An exclusive interview with Ron Yeats
Coming up on lfchistory - 24 September 2003
- A look at the adventures of our beloved Razor Ruddock.
- Exclusive interview with Neil Mellor
Season Review becomes Season Archive - 23 September 2003
We've changed the name of the Season Review section to Season Archive and moved the Result search to that section.
Better goalscorers lists - 23 September 2003
We've now changed the top goalscorers list so that it's possible to view the top goalscorers in overall, League, FA Cup, League Cup and Europe.
Coming up on lfchistory.. - 15 September 2003
- Part 3 of Ian Rush profile and Peter Sampara
- An exclusive interview with Ian Rush.
- We offer you to win a signed photo of Michael Owen
Finally gone live... - 8 September 2003
After 16 months of preparing the site, we've finally gone live tonight. Hope you will enjoy this site!
Appearance data is up and running - 8 September 2003
The appearance data for each player is now in place.
The frontpage is finished.. - 8 September 2003
The frontpage is now live with articles from the redcorner.
Pre 1959 games/goals - 8 September 2003
We've added to the site all the games/goal stats for the players who had games/goals registered before 1959.
Goal data - 8 September 2003
Goal data for the players is now finished.
More stats added to the site - 23 August 2003
We've now completed making the appearance and goal stats for each season.
Honours and Managers stats are now in place. - 22 August 2003
Honours and Managers stats are now in place.
We added a lot of content into the Kopites part of the site. - 22 August 2003
Check it out.
A lot of stuff was added to stats... - 20 August 2003
Check out Appearances, goalscorerers and more...
Calendar is active - 12 July 2003
The Calendar which is visible on the frontpage of the site is now active and displays all events/birthdays and matches from specific dates.
Kop Quote is now active.. - 5 July 2003
We're now finished with putting the KopQuote into action. It can be seen on the right side of the frontpage.
Site News are now active... - 5 July 2003
Today i finished programming Site News.
Player Search is now active... - 5 July 2003
Now you can search for players almost as you want!