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Posted: 06/08/2014
Name: Mike Burke
Website: WWW.footballwebwatch.com
Comments: Brilliant site from the History connoisseurs point of view as a lad who used to go into the Boys pen all those years ago, it brings back lots of memories.
Posted: 29/04/2014
Name: Ryan Anderson
Website: http://www.lfcbetting.co.uk
Comments: This is one of the best sources of LFC history I have ever found. I came across your site while looking for similar blogs to my own, and I have to say I was blown away. The amount of information and level of detail that you have here is staggering. As a fan of stats and history as well as LFC, I can honestly say I could spend days digging around through your archives. In fact Im having to work hard to restrain myself from doing so.
Posted: 03/08/2013
Name: Mike Lloyd
Comments: I was referred to your site by Nate at Oh You Beauty, and I have to say I am amazed. Its a treasure trove! Thanks for an outstanding resource, full of memories for me, someone who grew up on the outskirts of Liverpool in the 70s, but also a hugely interesting way to spend time looking at players I have only come across for the first time. For example, to my shame, I had never heard of Gordon Hodgson before today. What a player! I hope to spend many more happy hours digging in the files.
Posted: 24/04/2013
Name: John Troop
Website: www.jamestroop.co.uk
Comments: Hi. Have just come across this sight and agree with all other comments as being full of information & stats. Great work. Can I just add that looking at squad picture 1922-1923 there is only 1 name missing. Front row, 2nd from right shows a ? mark. This actually is my grandfather - James H Troop - who acted as a director of this wondefrul club from 1923 until his death in 1954. Perhaps you can now fill in this gap. Thanks again.
Posted: 15/04/2013
Name: chris grant
Comments: Absolutely brilliant website the best ive seen for records & stats of any club.
Posted: 27/03/2013
Name: Jimmy Carlson
Comments: Tom Watson was my great grandfather and as a young man I received thru my grandmother Elizabeth Winnifred Watson a small wine colored cap made from velvet and had a wire insignia on the front. She told me it belonged to her father and she would like me to have as I enjoyed sports as well as her father Tom watson. I never knew a great deal about him until the past few years. Thank you for bringing light to the missing information I had on this wonderful man. I am proud to be his great grandson and with pictures Ive viewed I know i have a strong resemblance.
Posted: 08/03/2013
Name: john wilson
Comments: Hello , I just switched on to your impressive site/ Looking at your stats on goalscorers on anfield debut, for some unknown reason you have omitted to add Robbie Fowler to the list. This is strange, as he scored 5 goals on his Anfield ( which i think is an all time record for anfield Debut,) debut, and for LFC debut against same team in league cup, week before. so I presume he should be on both lists of "debut scorer" Have I got it wrong..?? Thanks JW.
Posted: 21/02/2013
Name: Patrick Stromso
Website: http://www.sportinglybetter.com
Comments: Quite simply one of the best historical accounts of Liverpool Football Club that we have come across online.
Posted: 04/02/2013
Name: Steve Fletcher
Comments: Great site for us who remember the fantastic dream we lived, (1962-1991) what an experience, winning titles & trophies for fun. Keep the faith guys, its all about cycles.
Posted: 08/01/2013
Name: Peter
Website: http://www.footballtips.com
Comments: One of the very best sites for finding historical information on Liverpool FC!
Posted: 06/01/2013
Name: Terry Holmes
Comments: Just found this site,and what a excellent one it is,iam 61 and have always been a red follower,keep up the excellent work,will be back loads.
Posted: 14/11/2012
Name: John English
Comments: Thank you for updating Danny Shones DOB. He was actually born in West Derby, Liverpool (not Wirral) and the LFC official site has now acknowledged this. (he was my great uncle and I have a copy of his birth certificate). Many thanks John English
Posted: 12/11/2012
Name: John English
Comments: Brilliant site. I would like to point out an error on your Danny Shone page. Danny was my great uncle and I have researched his career. His birth certificate shows he was born on 22nd May 1899 in the West Derby area of Liverpool - not Wirral. Please would you edit these details. I have edited the Wikipedia entry for Danny Shone and have asked West Hams statisticians to update their Danny Shone page - which they have done. Many thanks in advance, and kind regards, John
Posted: 03/06/2012
Name: Jim Gardiner
Comments: Fantastic website - respect for the amount of research. Hello to Chris from an auld mate! Was looking up info on old manager Matt McQueen as I am researching a book on his old club Leith Athletic.. His birthplace, Harthill, is in Lanarkshire in Scotland not Lancashire in England. Minor point but I can see you like attention to detail!
Posted: 18/05/2012
Name: Bassam El Baghdadi
Comments: I cant thank you guys enough. Ive been a stats-lover since I knew Liverpool back in 96... and whenever I need to know anything about the club, Ill come here first. Although I have one suggestion would it be possible for you to change Goalkeepers (Goals) button into (Clean sheets) as Id love to know more about every clean sheet that every keeper has kept. Apart from that, TOP TOP website, from top to bottom. Well Done, and YNWA lads.. Bassam from Dubai, UAE
Posted: 16/05/2012
Name: Phil Hughes
Comments: Hi fellow reds. Just to say thanx Kenny look after yourself. Hi also to Elizabeth great page. Check it most days. Everybody needs to check out the photos YNWA JFT96
Posted: 11/04/2012
Name: Elizabeth Hargreaves
Website: http://facebook.com/pages/elisha-scott.../85930541744
Comments: Hi Kopites Im doing a memorial page for our longest serving player on facebook. The page is called Elisha Scott Liverpool Goalkeeper 1912-34. Elisha Scott seemed forgotten by many. There is his info, photos, videos and todays news on Liverpool and many other LFC photos to view. Thanks if you join. YNWA Elizabeth Hargreaves.
Posted: 02/12/2011
Name: Colin
Comments: Best site ive ever seen. I see that for the Watford v Liverpool friendly on 30/11/1954 there is no attendance known. The crowd was actually 4,699 which I took from Watfords Season by Season book. Keep up the good work.
Posted: 03/11/2011
Name: steve
Comments: Hello guys, saw on LFC TV tonight, and yes the history of LFC does contain a few myths, having researched the clubs past myself, their begining has a lot more to do than the rent issue as I`m sure you are aware of. I have also discovered a few more myths about the club, but like most historical subjects they are a plenty. keep up the good work lads. best wishes Steve ( a standing Koppite 1961-1991)
Posted: 03/11/2011
Name: J mahon
Comments: Great to put faces to this site.....saw you last night on the official site....came across as top Redmen. I have use this site before and would recommand it to anyone who supports the Reds....please keep up the great work ..its full of amazing facts....!!
Posted: 25/10/2011
Name: filippo from Brighton
Website: www.arteuniversale.co.uk
Comments: You have the most stunning website online. I am really happy to see that you have put really passion on building it. I really do love it and so far I will stronglly recommend it. Excellent.
Posted: 18/10/2011
Name: Mads
Comments: Great site - Ive heard of it through the Anfield Wrap podcast. Im looking forward to spend lots of hours on here for the next weeks!
Posted: 14/10/2011
Name: Andrew Guest
Comments: My great grandad, Harold Fitzpatrick played for Liverpool in 1907, playing 4 games and scoring 2 goals. I was delighted to see information on this fantastic website that even my own family were not aware of. If anyone from this great website or anyone reading this, who may have any further information that they could divulge on him and his career at Liverpool, we would be extremely appreciative. Obviously, being over 100 years ago, I can imagine that other than the information you have up on your site, other news is hard to come by, but we are interested as to why his short lived career was so prolific, yet so short? If there are any further archives or records on his career at the club then we would be fascinated to discover more. Kind regards, Andrew
Posted: 25/08/2011
Name: Julian Coia
Comments: Great web site. Well done. I am not sure that the Ray Clemence stats are correct because I saw him score a goal when Liverpool beat Plymouth Argyle 6-0 at Home Park in the 1970s [We have no account of this game taking place. Also if Clemence had scored in a friendly his official stats wouldn't change. Arnie - the editor].
Posted: 18/07/2011
Name: Mozbot3000
Comments: I just wanted to praise whoever made this site for putting it all together - the amount of information on here is staggering. For example, Id been second-guessing myself for a while now as to exactly when I went to my first ever LFC away game and who scored our goal in a 1 - 1 draw that day - 30 seconds on your site and both questions were answered: brilliant! (It was Gary Gillespie with the goal vs. Norwich in October 1990!)
Posted: 27/06/2011
Name: Paul Hughes
Comments: I have nothing but admiration for everyone connected to this brilliant website. Easily in a class of its own not just concerning LFC but for the entire sports world. Im certain the site will eventually become one of the most popular sites for all Reds, if it isnt already.
Posted: 08/02/2011
Name: Mark Chamberlain
Comments: Really do love this site. One thing though, I do wish you would update the managers and put Kink Kenny in his rightful place as current manager of our great club. [That's been taken care of now - cheers, Arnie the editor]
Posted: 03/02/2011
Name: Lisa Fox
Website: http://www.lisafox.co.uk
Comments: Such a wonderful site, and a really helpful creator who has sent me info about my Gt Gt Grandfather John Dermott a founding member of the club. Also if Geoff Foreman reads this (you posted about John Dermott on 4/7/08), please get in touch via my website, we are related somehow!!
Posted: 31/01/2011
Name: Rune
Comments: Best site ever Mummi:) Proud to call myself your mate:)
Posted: 07/01/2011
Name: Tomas
Comments: Amazing site... perfect! Really really amazing!
Posted: 05/01/2011
Name: Jim Donnelly
Comments: This website is a fantastic testament to your dedication to Liverpool. The care, enthusiasm and attention to detail is obvious and a great credit to you. This is the Ark of our history which we hope is added to for years to come. Really well done!
Posted: 04/01/2011
Name: The Kop magazine
Website: http://twitter.com/#!/thekopmagazine
Comments: LFCHistory - a statistical goldmine for lfc fans like no other.
Posted: 29/12/2010
Name: TheHumanTorpedo
Website: http://www.thecelticwiki.com/
Comments: Really impressive site guys. A fantastic read and goldmine of information. Theres never been a more important time to keep alive the history and traditions of our game, clubs and community. Please visit TheCelticWiki where hopefully you will find info and articles you can use on here
Posted: 22/12/2010
Name: James Nicholls
Comments: Absolutly love this website. Makes me feel proud to read of this LFC info. Fantastic!
Posted: 15/09/2010
Name: Glenn (Tanglefoot) Taylor
Comments: I have really enjoyed this site keep it up guys. Thanks. YNWA
Posted: 20/08/2010
Name: Tony Mathisen
Comments: This is a beautiful site! Keep up the good work. YNWA
Posted: 10/08/2010
Name: JK Williams
Website: http://www.philsilversshow.com/
Comments: Absolutely superlative website, jam-packed full of stats, persobnal stories and info of all kinds. I know how much hard work goes into a website as big as this.........Brilliant work.
Posted: 20/07/2010
Name: Steve Fletcher
Comments: Well done guys an excellent site, brought many a tear back to an aproaching 60 year old nostalgic fan 1962/1992. I must also point out I( have also been the recipient of many a pint too. Glad to see the overseas players being shipped out. More Brits Roy who play with a passion & understand the term No Surrender.
Posted: 12/05/2010
Name: Chris Mc Dermott
Comments: Been a Pool fan for all of my 40 years, expect to get another 40 in! Am fascinated at the amount of information you've catalogued here, without a doubt the most informative LFC site on the net.I expect to spend quite a lot of time here. Sterling work, hugely appreciated!
Posted: 06/02/2010
Name: Mike Hughes
Comments: As a source of LFC history this ranks amongst the best, if not THE best. Thanks for the work that has gone into it. YNWA
Posted: 27/12/2009
Name: Peter Walsh
Comments: Keep up the good work.
Posted: 26/12/2009
Name: John D Smith
Comments: My Dad was Jimmy Smith 1928/29 to young to see him play,but proud as hell of him.
Posted: 21/12/2009
Name: Trevor Harvey
Comments: Great Website for a true Liverpool fan like me. I'm always looking into facts and figures of history and shock to see some players who cheat (1913-1914 season) against Man United. Argg! What have they done? YNWA
Posted: 08/12/2009
Name: Shaun Morris
Comments: What a fantastic site - I dont support Liverpool FC but I can spend hours on here reminiscing about the greats that this famous institution that is LFC have produced. The quotes from former players and managers also leave me in stitches - I am convinced that some ex players & managers could have been great comedians as well - The dedication to create this amount of resource is to be truly admired.
Posted: 08/12/2009
Posted: 21/07/2009
Name: robert mason
Comments: how do you guys do it !!. your website keeps me busy for hours! and any arguments at work about lfc are all settled by viewing your site. thank you so much...keep up the good work...lfcfortheleague {r j mason east yorkshire}
Posted: 21/05/2009
Name: Henrik T. Simonsen
Comments: I've been a fan of Liverpool since 1974, and this site is a true goldmine. Thank you. YNWA.
Posted: 10/05/2009
Name: alex
Comments: tks for the big big information...GOD Bless you all.. YNWA!
Posted: 29/03/2009
Name: Mark Roxburgh
Website: http://myspace.com/big_g_rox
Comments: I've been looking for the result of the last game of the 83/84 season and found it here. top work guys. thanks
Posted: 03/03/2009
Name: stephen
Website: http://anfieldtalk.com/index.php?
Comments: Great site here. Just spent an hour reding up on things i never even knew about LFC. Thanks to the people who make this site happen.
Posted: 13/02/2009
Name: Phil Swift
Comments: Great site, been a Liverpool supporter all my life, born in Anfield, now living in California for the last 20 years. Miss going to the games, those European nights were special Love reading about the players I used to watch. Keep up the good work
Posted: 10/01/2009
Name: Daniel Simmonds
Comments: I love this site, I am a huge Huge Liverpool fan and it's been brilliant reading about some of our history. It's definately going to be a regualr hit.
Posted: 10/01/2009
Name: sharol nizam
Comments: Absolutely fantastic, full of information about the kops. Its really great that ive found this site because i am a truly die hard fan of liverpool. YNWA.
Posted: 06/01/2009
Name: Mick Warner
Comments: I love facts and figures,this is right up my street for all the games I've seen (and missed) since 1965
Posted: 04/01/2009
Name: Jimmy Rogers Augustsen
Comments: What an incredible site ! Fantastic work guys. Thanks a million times...You have created Liverpool, so all we fans can read and learn about this amacing football club. Once again...Thanks !
Posted: 16/12/2008
Name: Chris Jones
Comments: This is just one of the best sites I have ever seen, so much to read and to learn about this great club, keep up the good work!
Posted: 16/12/2008
Name: Spum Juandempsey
Comments: This site is really good, it allows fans of LFC worldwide to know much about the greatest football club worldwide .Even in Ghana I can read much about the mighty REDS. Xabi Alonso is the best midfielder in the whole of europe and iI am proud of that.
Posted: 01/12/2008
Name: Ricardo Alexander
Comments: WOW!!! What a wonderful site! Keep it up guys! And by the way....this season belongs to us! cant wait for tonights game- a win will see us top the table!!
Posted: 17/11/2008
Name: Anfield
Website: http://premierleague-fussball.de
Comments: a really nice site.thanx for all the intersting details here.
Posted: 16/11/2008
Name: Iqbal Zaim
Comments: This site is good for new kopite to learn more about historific LFC!!great article about past, quotes and great interview with LFC legend this is the no.2 LFC website for me!!(the no.1 is LFC.tv) last word....,Im a huge fan of LFC,the players,the managers,the fans,The unrivaled history people say...Once a Reds always a REDS ,from malaysia to all Liverpool fans.....LFC forever YNWA
Posted: 04/11/2008
Name: Philip Shen
Website: http://www.lfcfans.com/bbs
Comments: I'm a crazy liverpool fan from Shanghai China.LFChistory is a fantastic website for every kopite.Thanks for you all!
Posted: 28/10/2008
Name: Chris Ward
Comments: 18/03/1954 thats when i was born, I fell in love with LFC in 1965 watching the Reds beat Leeds United at Wembly 2-1 after xtra time. I dont get to see to many live games at Anfield but the Reds are in my blood 24/7 day and night i love you LFC. Chris
Posted: 28/10/2008
Name: Daniel Abend
Comments: I have found your webside on Saturday and i must say it`s absolutly worldclass !!! thank you for this great contents and informations about the Reds. greetings Daniel from Frankfurt-Germany.
Posted: 10/10/2008
Name: -Eric Dermott-Powell
Comments: I was born in West Derby, and lived in Everton, also lived there during the war during the blitz.I was a orphan and have searched for years to find my family even found that letters sent to Everton and Liverpool FC didn't,or couldn't find information about my Great Grandad, A familymember sent a email recently with a picture of the First Squad 1893-1894 with John Dermott a director back row, left who now is back with the family. Does anyone have a bigger picture of him in Liverpool, I am 82 years and would appreciate very much a picture to give to my children and grand children. Liverpool is the best team in the world. You have our support. Great site.We love ya. Eric and family from Down Under.
Posted: 02/10/2008
Name: zal
Comments: wonderful site for all Kopites...i'm glad to found this site...
Posted: 21/09/2008
Name: Avinash Meetoo
Website: http://www.noulakaz.net/
Comments: Excellent work! I just spent 1 hour exploring everything and I have to thank you for the massive amount of research you've done.
Posted: 05/09/2008
Name: Des Perkins
Comments: what a great site,hours of fun and facts,good work lads+lassies.
Posted: 30/08/2008
Name: Bryan Holmer
Comments: Thanks for a great and informative site. As a relatively new LFC supporter over the last few years here in the USA, it's great to be able to use a site like your's to learn more of the history of the club.
Posted: 23/08/2008
Name: Bassam El Baghdadi
Website: http://www.dubaireds.com
Comments: This is the best site for any Liverpool supporter... absolutely fantastic... thanks alot you guys, keep up the good work, and I hope I can help you with some stats of my own...
Posted: 05/08/2008
Name: Owen Collins
Comments: a fantastic website - why do you not include players to have appeared for the mighty reds in friendlies? also how about a testimonials section. LFC forever YNWA
Posted: 08/07/2008
Name: iain rogers
Comments: great site allez les rouges
Posted: 04/07/2008
Name: geoff foreman
Comments: Fantastic site, brilliant stats,and thanks to you i have now seen a photo of my great great grandfather, Mr John Dermott, taken in the 1893-94 season ,one of the founding members and director of LFC. Many thanks, geoff.
Posted: 27/06/2008
Name: frank bissett
Comments: been a fan since 1977 and loved this site as i now know more about the history of LFC. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS.
Posted: 21/05/2008
Name: liam heeney
Comments: It great 2 read all the stats.Iam a huge LFC fan and was a few things i didnt no but i do now.
Posted: 13/04/2008
Name: arvin
Comments: the site is very good indeed!!i love torres since atletico madrid and loved liverpool since childhood and may be its a co incidence that he is in my favorite team now,everyplayer that i choose in my fifa08 on playsation benitez buys them in real lol...like babel veronin torres...the best thing for liverpool for now and yrs to come is that they have torres gerard and benitez doing the things work i would like to to ask benitez to buy rafhina next yr and if he can someone on the rigth hand side like the likes of messi who can score and run but its a dream that messi plays here but may be the dream can come true as torres came to liverpool..keep it up liverpool specially benitez for what ever he has done to this team many refers liverpool and rafa's valencia, IT'S NOT RAFA'S VALENCIA,it's liverpoool fc the best team in the world,i pray that next yr we win both the league and the champions league(of course CL is always for us)keep it up liverpool
Posted: 14/03/2008
Name: Peter Walsh
Comments: great. now i can complete my records with friendlies i dont have. keep up the good work. Icould do with the away table of the lancs league.
Posted: 23/02/2008
Name: Yim Kam Hong
Comments: Hi-It's my first time on ur website,it's really great,u know
Posted: 06/02/2008
Name: Sam Wanjere
Comments: Rafa is better than anyone, both in Liverpool and outside, thinks. He's very true to the tradition laid by our greats and he's very much (in terms of passion) in the mould of Shankly and members of the famed Boot Room. Go Rafa!
Posted: 05/02/2008
Name: Mike Cairns
Comments: Great site for history of the game. My Uncle Bob Cairns in the 1953 FA Cup match "played Liddell off the park" and Gateshead won 1-0. Anyone know where I can get a match report ie Liverpool echo.
Posted: 01/01/2008
Name: gordon david hodgson
Comments: lifetime supporter,but I never played for the reds.Pleased to find out from your site that I had namesakes that did.My father gordon hodgson grey rock street anfield,played as an amateur in a cup final before the war 1935 or so he said could this be true??
Posted: 20/10/2007
Name: david andrews
Comments: Fantastic up to date mighty reds site. I'm making you my HOME PAGE so I have positive start everytime I log on. Let's believe you be updating prem league more often.
Posted: 11/09/2007
Name: Steve Fletcher
Comments: For the likes of yours truly, a red from the 2nd Div to the avarice Premier League, this site provides me with an exellent walk down a very fond & successful, memory lane. Plus it also solves many a pub bet (beer only). Keep up the exellent work Congrats, Steve
Posted: 19/07/2007
Name: Barry Ferguson
Comments: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This site is amazing!!
Posted: 13/05/2007
Name: Pete Meadows
Comments: Brilliant website, an essential guide for every true red
Posted: 13/05/2007
Name: Thor Erik M. Hansen
Comments: This is a GREAT site. I use the imformation I get here to write an article about Liverpool statistics in Wikipedia: http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liverpool_FC_Statistikk (Norwegian).
Posted: 11/04/2007
Name: Gary Vine
Comments: A great site for any Reds fan.
Posted: 04/02/2007
Comments: This is an awsome site. Soccer is life and liverpool proves it.
Posted: 31/01/2007
Name: Yathin
Comments: Must read for every liverpool fan ......
Posted: 22/01/2007
Name: Steve White
Comments: great site. good stats, keep up the good work. down with the toffees
Posted: 09/11/2006
Name: Barenco
Website: http://www.friendster.com/barenco
Comments: ViVa Owen n Stevie - G
Posted: 08/11/2006
Name: pat boden
Comments: Great site great history and legends of this beloved club
Posted: 08/11/2006
Name: alwayskop
Comments: I'd like to say: thank you very much! You let me know so much Liverpool history before I didn't know. Keep up the great job!
Posted: 06/11/2006
Name: Joseph
Comments: Very nice.
Posted: 03/11/2006
Name: Darren Hurrell
Comments: Fantastic ! I'm a big Liverpool fan and loved looking through all the stats. and info available. Gives me some happy memorys of the 80's when we were untouchable !!
Posted: 05/10/2006
Name: Jimpson
Comments: The site''s very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment - maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!
Posted: 23/09/2006
Name: Ish
Comments: Hi - I'm from Australia... it's really hard to get access to anything Liverpool down here, but I just want to say thanks to you guys... the pictures you put on your site are really good! Keep 'em coming!
Posted: 13/08/2006
Name: luke
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Posted: 09/08/2006
Name: Emcee Enemy
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Posted: 08/08/2006
Name: Hannah Gerrard
Website: http://www.liverpoolshere.piczo.com
Comments: I love Gerrard he hot I love Carragher he hot omg I love all the Liverpool players they hot please go on my website www.liverpoolshere.piczo.com its under construction at the mo but sign the guestbook please!!!
Posted: 25/07/2006
Name: Iain Crawford
Comments: Great site, fascinating information. Nice to read about my Great Grandfather Robert (Bob) Crawford who was born in Blythswood, Scotland (Glasgow) not Blytheswood, England! The rest is spot on - keep up the great work!!
Posted: 18/07/2006
Name: jørn
Comments: What a site - and what a job you've done! Since discovering I've been here a lot - for fun, to learn, for solving a bet or just surfing around to spend a few hours with the great history anf legends of this beloved club. Thank you for sharing - YNWA
Posted: 29/06/2006
Name: Nandi
Website: http://liverpoolfc.uw.hu
Comments: Simply the mightiest database at its best! The Hungarian Fansite wishes you a continuous precious work. Long Live the REDS Society!
Posted: 11/06/2006
Name: LFChistory FAN :)
Website: http://www.liverpoolfc.pl
Comments: incredible, magnificent, unique :) greetings from Poland :)
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Posted: 21/05/2006
Name: Jannich Hafsteinsson
Comments: I love Liverpool Football Club - seen OB-LFC (1981) and LFC-Aston Villa (2006) and all the games show at the television including both the 3-3 games lately!!!!!! You're simply the Best!!!!!!!
Posted: 12/05/2006
Name: caryl
Comments: This site is a lot of fun very well designed.
Posted: 04/05/2006
Name: Yousef Breyhe
Comments: It's just a great site, full of information and stuff. Thanks fellas. Well don and keep on rockin' YNWA
Posted: 30/04/2006
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Posted: 17/04/2006
Name: Keith Horkins
Comments: A fantastic site.I was a kop season ticket holder for many years now i live in Ontario Canada so sites like this keep me sane. you'll never walk alone
Posted: 05/04/2006
Name: tracy
Comments: a fantastic site all my old memories and present ones together thanx for all the hard work thats been put in to keeping it up to date.
Posted: 30/03/2006
Name: Dalton Goodall
Comments: this website is class i needed past players for my geography homework
Posted: 26/03/2006
Name: Nick Pateras
Comments: What a great site, all the information and pictures you could need! I live in Canada, so following Liverpool isn't too easy, the Internet's the only thing that keeps me sane! Keep up the good work!
Posted: 07/03/2006
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Posted: 20/02/2006
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Posted: 18/02/2006
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Posted: 17/12/2005
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Posted: 02/11/2005
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