Traore sings along

We take a look at the singing sensation of the Kop, who is Mathias "Djimi Traore" Mwanje.

I was born in December 1982, a few weeks after Rush scored four against Everton. I am studying science at the University, but in the summer I work in a bank called Halifax which is in Huyton, not far from Steven Gerrard. I sit there and serve people, and do some singing. I entertain the women in the bank :)

I prefer away games because it’s up to you to sing and make yourself be heard.

My first tickets were in the Kop, it was a night game against Manchester City in December 1994. We won 2-0, a Terry Phelan own goal and Robbie Fowler from about 25 yards. Okay game, 0-0 at half-time, it picked up in the second half, Robbie Fowler missed a penalty.

My most memorable game was when we played Everton at Goodison when we won 3-2. I remember the game for all sorts of reasons both good and bad. Before the game I met with some old friends who are Everton fans and had a good drink. When we got to Goodison I heard one of the most horrible songs ever which was sang about Emile Heskey by the Everton fans. It really upset me. It was a racist song. When we into the ground, they’re booing Heskey and I am hoping that Heskey scores tonight. First five minutes, guess who runs through at the Gwlady’s street end. Bammmm bottom corner. I am leaping over the segregation guy, cooommoonnnn. It was absolutely brilliant. It wasn’t the only thing that had got me going. Before the game there was a minute’s silence for Hillsborough and it was broken. In defence of Everton it was a mindless minority and not the majority of the Everton fans. The first one who spoke up when they disturbed the silence was an Everton fan to say 'shut up, have some respect'. We had people there crying when the silence was broken. The fellow next to me was in tears and that was what really wound up the game at the start.

So we score 1-0, they get it back to 1-1. Second half.. Babbel runs through, straight up the wing, bottom corner we are 2-1 up and when we should have sealed the game, but once again... I have only seen Robbie Fowler score one penalty when I’ve been at the match and he’s taken five. He missed again, hitting the post. Four minutes to go they get a dodgy penalty, they’re back at 2-2. We’re down to 10 men already with Igor Biscan being sent off. We are just hoping and praying, hoping and praying, the Everton fans are singing. Gregory Vignal falls over in the centre circle. We get the free-kick, everyone is arguing... while everybody is arguing, Gary McAllister is rolling the ball forward. Then the whistle goes, no-one’s looking, one bounce and that’s it. Just to see the look on the Everton fans faces going 'I hate you I hate you'.. And I thought that it what they deserve.. they broke the silence, they were racist against Heskey, they are a horrible set of fans and we cheated on the free-kick in injury time and we won. That is the best victory you can ever have. That game from the range of emotions I went through, will always stay in my memory. I tell that to my grand-kids when I’m 90. It was the first game I had gone to at Goodison.

The taxi in France

I landed in Charles De Gaulle 11 o’clock that morning. Went to an Irish bar until 1 o’clock. Had lunch + 15 pints of Guiness. Went back at 6, slept off the Guiness, woke up at 10, went back out to see my friends in the centre of Paris. They went home at 2, I carried on drinking til late. The following day I missed the train.... I asked the lady in the train station what time is the next train to Auxerre, she says, 'half-seven' and that's no good as the game kicks off at 8. I asked her if there was a coach I could get and she said 'no', so I took a taxi.. All the money I had saved the previous months went on that one taxi.

My favourite song besides You'll never walk alone is Poor Scouser Tommy or Fields of Anfield Road..

The Dortmund experience

The European final was special. My mother told me not to go. In the end I woke up early in the morning and I just go. Straight to the airport. She was worried about there would be some trouble with English fans going abroad, but she needn’t worry. The Liverpool fans just sing and party. Arrived in Germany, Dusseldorf at 11 o’clock in the morning and seeing the Liverpool fans from around the world. Travelling into Dortmund, hearing on the radio the fans are there, drinking and partying. Meeting everybody, the big concert.. A real brilliant day of football.

"Djimi" as he's called by some of his fellow Kopites, because of his likeness to our very own Djimi Traore, knows all the chants and was more than happy to sing several off the top of his head. The rest of the interview was a Kop singing lesson. We asked him about songs relating to special players and off he went!:

Henchoz Henchoz....
Henchoz Henchoz Henchoz...
When they attack
he’s always back
Henchoz Henchoz...

Hamann.. Didi Hamann
Hamann Di Di Di Hamann Di Di Di..

There he was wearing number 16
singing dooh wah didi Hamann Hamann
He’s a German international midfield machine
singing dooh wah didi Hamann Hamann
He’s so good… He’s so fine
Dietmar Hamann in our side
There he was…

The first time I heard this song was at an away game in the Victory Pub in Southampton.

Ellllll..... Hadj.... Diouf Diouf Diouf
Won’t you score a goal for me...
Ellllll..... Hadj.... Diouf Diouf Diouf
Won’t you score a goal for me...
With your left, with your right, with your head or your knee.
Ellllll..... Hadj.... Diouf Diouf Diouf
Won’t you score a goal for me...

Bootle boy born and bred,
Jamie Carragher is a red
Oooohhhh ooooohhh....
Bootle boy born and bred
He throws coins at Cockney’s heads..
Oooohhh oooohhhhh

He’s Scouse, he’s sound
He’ll twat you with a pound..
Carragher.. Carragher...

There’s the classic Michael Owen scores a goal hallelujah. But I also like this one.
1-0 down.... 2-1 up
Michael Owen won the cup..
When a first-class Paddy’s pass gave Owen the ball
Poor old Arsenal won fuck all

My favourite player of all time is John Barnes. We used to sing:
His father was a soldier
Who didn’t like the football
His sonny played for Watford
And now he play for Liverpool
His name is Johny Barnes
He comes from Jamaica
And all of the papers
Say he is going to Italia
No No No No No No
No No No No No No

For Dudek there’s a couple..
We’ve got a big Pole in our goal,
We’ve got a big big Pole in our goal

6 ft. Pole in our goal
Du da du da
6 ft. Pole in our goal
Dud du du Dudek
Dud du du Dudek
Dud du du Dudek
6 ft. Pole in our goal
Dud du du Dudek

We've got Markus Babbel on
Plays at the back
He's a great defender
Likes to attack
Song: Boney M - Rivers of Babylon

Djimi Djimini Djim Djimini
Djim Djim Traore…

The song Allez Allez Houllier started out in Boavista in the Champions league 2001. There was only 500 of us at the game supporting Liverpool.. For 10 minutes at half-time and then for 45 minutes, so 55 minutes everyone was jumping around and singing "Allez Allez Gerard Houllier"… as a tribute..

We’ve got that Ronniieeeee Whelan...
We’ve got that Ronnie Whelan...
Song: That loving feeling

Of course there is the unforgettable:

Dirr diree daahh dahhh diree daah daahhh
Dirr diree daahh dahhh diree daah daahhh
Dirr diree daahh dahhh diree daah daahhh
Dirr diree daahh dahhh diree daah daahhh
Dirr diree daahh dahhh diree daah daahhh
Dirr daahh direee diree daah daahhh .. Torben Piechnik

I walk a million miles for one of your goals
Ooooooohhhhh Kenny lalala
I walk a million miles for one of your goals

Fowler's is a classic….

When the ball hits the net
Its a fairly safe bet that its Fowler
Robbie Fowler

And When Liverpool score
You will hear the Kop roar "Oh, its Fowler
Robbie Fowler"
Ian Rush, Roger Hunt

Who's the best man up front? "Oh, its Fowler
Robbie Fowler"
He's the King of the Kop
He's the best of the lot
Robbie Fowler
(song: That's Amore)

All you need is Rush dududdududu
All you need is Rush.. Rush
Rush is all you need
Song: All you need is love

Duncan Ferguson
He’s in for a week, out for a month
He’s in for a week, out for a month
Duncan is a tampon…

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way…
Rooney is a fat bastard and David Moyes is gay

Rooney’s mother is on the ground on the ground…
Rooney’s mother is on the ground on the ground…
she’s a slapper

Mathie is best known for standing up and singing the lead in the Gary Macca song… He’s sings it about 2-3 times upon constant request in The Park at Walton Breck Road before a match and also inside the ground when Mr. Macca was starring for LFC. He usually needs some convincing to sing it, but when he starts, he can’t stop….!

Mathie explains its origin: "The Gary Macca song was completed in Dortmund 2001. It was written by another gentleman, but I picked it up and it became popular." It is fitting to end Mathie's interview with the song he has become known for singing the lead:

Oh we loved yer baldy head (Oh we loved yer baldy head)
yer baldy head, yer baldy head
You're Gary Mac, (You're Gary Mac)
OOhhh! Gary Macca, Gary Gary Macca, Gary Macca, Gary Gary Macca

Oh we loved yer derby goal (Oh we loved yer derby goal)
etc… the same chorus:

Oh we loved yer baldy head
Oh we loved yer derby goal (Oh we loved yer derby goal)
Oh we loved yer Barca pen (Oh we loved yer Barca Pen)
Oh we loved yer Spurs peno (Oh we loved yer Spurs Peno)
Oh we loved yer Bradford goal (Oh we loved yer Bradford Goal)
Oh we loved yer Coventry goal (Oh we loved yer Coventry Goal)
Oh we loved yer Dortmund pen (Oh we loved yer Dortmund Pen)
Oh we loved your sweet right foot (Oh we love your sweet right foot)
Oh we went and won all 3 (Oh we went and won all 3)
Oh we signed you on a free (Oh we signed you on a free)
Oh you’re only 38 (Oh you’re only 38)
Oh I think I fucked it up (Oh I think I fucked it up)

[In the end it looks like this]

Oh I think I fucked it up (Oh I think I fucked it up)
I fucked it up (I fucked it up)
you’re only 38 (you’re only 38)
we signed you free (we signed you free)
we won all three (we won all three)
yer sweet right foot, (yer sweet right foot)
yer Dortmund Pen, (yer Dortmund pen)
yer Coventry Goal, (yer Coventry goal)
yer Bradford Goal, (yer Bradford goal)
yer Spurs Peno, (yer Spurs peno)
yer Barca Pen, (yer Barca pen)
yer derby goal, (yer derby goal)
yer baldy head, (yer baldy head)
You're Gary Mac, (You're Gary Mac)
OOhhh! Gary Macca, Gary Gary Macca, Gary Macca, Gary Gary Macca..


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