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29 July 2014Divick Origi in profile

Plenty of quality players have been signing for Liverpool this summer and this Belgian international of Kenyan descent is the latest arrival. More

28 July 2014Chris Wood on Dejan Lovren

Chris Wood profiles Liverpool's new leader in defence. More

15 July 2014Profile on Lazar Markovic

Chris Wood on Liverpool's latest capture, unveiled today. More

3 July 2014Profile on Emre Can

Liverpool's latest recruit, who signed officially for the club today after agreeing to join the Reds on 5 June, is an energetic box-to-box midfielder, with good skill on the ball and an excellent eye for a pass. More

1 July 2014Profile on Adam Lallana

Liverpool strengthen further their squad with Southampton's key player. More

3 June 2014Review of I Don't Know What It Is But I Love It: Liverpool's Unforgettable 1983-84 Season

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews Tony Evans' new book. More

2 June 2014Your vote matters!

The British Newspaper Archives are an online service that digitise old newspapers and make them available online. More

2 June 2014Profile of Rickie Lambert

If Liverpool Football Club had made a move to sign Rickie Lambert five years ago, nobody would have shown the slightest surprise. More

20 April 2014Gerrard cementing his place as Liverpool's greatest

Reds have got used to Steven George Gerrard creating or breaking records and setting new standards since his debut in Liverpool’s first team at the end of November, 1998. More

28 February 2014Read all about Liverpool!

This review of The Liverpool Encyclopedia is by Jacqueline Wadsworth, granddaughter of Liverpool hard man, Walter Wadsworth. Published in the sadly defunct Well Red magazine December 2013. More

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Rickie Lambert If Liverpool Football Club had made a move to sign Rickie Lambert five years ago, nobody would have shown the slightest surprise because he had already proved that he was a goal-scoring machine. More

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Quote "I know it sounds hollow talking about dreams and prizes when footballers earn all the money we do, but the things I've got at home, the medals and memorabilia, they mean more to me than extra noughts in my bank account. Lifting the Champions League trophy above my head as the captain of my team, it's something that lives with you forever. People have this image of footballers now, driving flash cars, leading incredible lifestyles, having all that glamour. But there are sacrifices too, big ones through all your young life if you want any chance of making it. Behind the glitz I've had to give a hell of a lot of blood and sweat over the years, some tears as well. When you get that trophy above your head, and you get that feeling in your head, that buzz, that sense of being alive, then it is all worth it, believe me."

"I whispered to Robbie that I could picture perfectly the days I stood on the Kop, and literally got carried 20 or 30 yards as the crowd surged forward when he scored a goal. God it was incredible. I would watch the likes of Ian Rush and Aldo, then as I got older John Barnes, Jamie Redknapp and Robbie, and hope and pray and dream like mad that it would be me one day. I never even bothered dreaming that I would ever be captain - that would be too mad - just that I would set foot out on that pitch, just the once. And d'ya know what, even now, I can't put into words what it feels like to be living that dream."

Gerrard on what it meant to him winning the Champions League and to be Liverpool's captain in April 2007

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    The date of death has been added to the relevant players' profiles like this one.. George Allan only lived to be 24 years old.
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    Honours in player profiles

    We have added Honours to our already detailed player profiles like for example in Steven Gerrard's profile
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    Penalty shoot outs

    We've also updated our penalty shoot out section of the site. All those penalty shootouts are now properly stored in our database and can be used for stats.
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