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17 May 2018Give legends a worthy resting place

Kieran Smith leads a noble effort to give the legends of Liverpool Football Club a proper resting place. More

1 March 2018Mr Liverpool - special price just for you my friend!

A year has passed since our biography on Ronnie Moran was published by Sport Media that offers you now to buy's third book for only £13.99. More

16 November 2017The Red Journey: Oral history

This book is the latest offering from Mark Platt who from variety of sources and his own interviews offers insight into the minds of those who have graced Liverpool Football Club's history. More

7 September 2017A Banquet Without Wine

Anthony Stanley’s account of how Liverpool fell from their perch in the 90s is truly excellent. More

25 August 2017Sami Hyypia - The rock at the back

LFChistory had a frank discussion with the simply brilliant Sami Hyypia, a fantastic player and a genuine fella. More

27 June 2017Review of Liverpool's Newspaper history

Historic Newspapers is a back-issue newspaper company that holds the world’s largest archive of original newspapers. More

9 June 2017Review of Quiet Genius

The question is what Ian Herbert, who is the Independent's chief sportswriter and former deputy editor of the Liverpool Daily Post, can add to Bob Paisley's legacy. More

13 May 2017Terry lives for the moment

A review of Terry McDermott's autobiography. More

22 March 2017RIP Mr Liverpool

Only three weeks ago the book we wrote about Ronnie Moran "Mr Liverpool" was published. This morning Ronnie passed away. More

19 March 2017Rare and unseen pictures of Berry Nieuwenhuys is pleased to be able to share with you these images that are from Carole Jean Richards, Berry Nieuwenhuys' daughter. More

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Trent Alexander-Arnold Scouser Trent Alexander-Arnold is a promising right-back who is starting to make his mark at Liverpool. More

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Quote "George Kay was a first-class manager and a very big influence on me. He was a lovely man, quiet and a deep thinker. He’d read books about psychology and he knew how to get the best out of his players. <br><br> George’s first thought was always for his players. He’d never tear a strip off us or criticise a Liverpool player in the press. That’s were the psychology came into play. If we were trailing at half-time he’d come into the dressing room and although he’d point out our errors he’d always say, ‘Well played, lads’. He knew and we knew, that we weren’t playing well, but because he was so understanding we felt we had to play extra well to repay his faith in us. <br><br> I’ll always remember my first game at Anfield when I missed a penalty. Jack Balmer was the regular penalty-taker at Liverpool, but I was so used to taking the penalties at Newcastle that when I was first tripped in the area I automatically jumped up and placed the ball on the spot. I’d never missed one for Newcastle and the supporters were all expecting me to score my first home goal, but the keeper pulled off a tremendous save. He actually broke his arm in the process. Fortunately we won, but George Kay was so upset with afterwards that he took me out for tea after the game."

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