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9 October 2015Jürgen Klopp takes the reins at LFC

Klopp's message to Liverpool fans was simple enough in his first interview as boss: "We have to change from doubter to believer... now." More

24 September 2015Liverpool's Latin Americans

Declan Sloan has put together a complete record of every South American player to wear the famous Red Jersey, from Mauricio Pellegrino in 2005 to newly recruited Roberto Firmino. More

15 September 2015The importance of beating the Bottom Eight

Andrew Beasley looks at how Liverpool have fared at Anfield against the lowest third of the Premier League and how it has influenced their seasons in the last 20 years. More

11 September 2015The Good Friday scandal

When Liverpool and Manchester United players conspired to fix their match at Old Trafford in United's favour! More

4 September 2015The science of Chance Creation

Andrew Beasley uses an innovative approach to value the attacking potential of the current team at Liverpool Football Club. More

2 September 2015Tuning The Red Ferrari?

The summer transfer window is now closed... Terry Dolan takes a closer look at Liverpool's transfer activity for the last 5 seasons since the club was purchased by FSG. More

27 August 2015Supersub

The review of Supersub, the story of local hero David Fairclough who is still remembered for his achievements in a red shirt. More

17 August 2015Walshy - Wouldn't It Be Good

Paul Walsh has just released his autobiography that is in turn entertaining and shocking. More

12 August 2015A Gerrard infographic for the ages!

Robin Richards is a seriously talented graphic artist who has made an incredible infographic covering the WHOLE of Steven Gerrard's career. More

12 August 2015Rigore!

We are pleased to welcome columnist Declan Sloan aboard at He takes a look at important penalties for Liverpool throughout the years. More

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Alec Lindsay Shankly moved right centre-half Alec Lindsay to the left with great success as the great man noted: "The lad looked as if he had been playing at left-back all his life. He places passes up the touchline with tremendous accuracy." More

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Quote "When Hodgson opened his account for the evening, Liam Devlin had already scored FOUR goals in the game. One with his left, two with his right and a bullet header to round off a fine display.

Could Devlin fill the boots of Forshaw? On this occasion his toes were bursting out the front of his boots. Here was a player who was ill-fitted at Huddersfield, so off he trotted to Anfield. And in just three games, he’s posed a new question. How many goals will this player score when getting service like he got tonight. Devlin takes up his position, hangs around the backs, works at will and earnestly, but does not do a jot when it comes to tracking back or helping out those behind him. He is here to score goals, not to get in others way. And if anyone gets in his way, woe betide.

There is no better centre than he who stands at attention and keeps his wing men going. And Devlin ran both Hopkin and Edmed ragged tonight. Collecting balls on the half way line, he immediately places the ball wide. Either side it matters not a jot to Liam. As the ball reaches the wing, Devlin is already in position waiting for the cross.
Send it in high, he’ll head home.
Send it in low, he’ll drive the ball home.
Send it in waist high, he’ll volley the ball home.
And by far the most bizarre, send it in behind him and he’ll overhead kick it into the goal."

Daily Post on Liverpool's 5-1 win over Bury on 31st August 1927

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