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20 April 2014Gerrard cementing his place as Liverpool's greatest

Reds have got used to Steven George Gerrard creating or breaking records and setting new standards since his debut in Liverpool’s first team at the end of November, 1998. More

28 February 2014Read all about Liverpool!

This review of The Liverpool Encyclopedia is by Jacqueline Wadsworth, granddaughter of Liverpool hard man, Walter Wadsworth. Published in the sadly defunct Well Red magazine December 2013. More

21 February 2014The art of shooting

When one of Liverpool's greatest goalscorers reveals "The Art of Shooting" you sit up and listen. Published in the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette on 27 September 1930. More

12 December 2013New Reds book is a treasure trove

Dave Prentice's interview that was published in the Liverpool Echo on Monday the 18th of November + a web-interview for Echo's site. Emphasis on the book and our website More

29 November 2013Review of Anatomy of Liverpool

Chris Wood approached The Anatomy of Liverpool with a certain amount of trepidation, despite knowing that Mister Wilson is recognised as being one of the finest sports-writers of our time. More

25 November 2013Joey Jones - Shakes his fist had a very entertaining talk with the one and only Joey Jones, who was a cult hero at Liverpool for three years. More

21 November 2013"The ultimate contender"

The Liverpool Encyclopedia was reviewed by Click Liverpool. More

20 November 2013The Official Treasures of Liverpool FC

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews a recently updated book, "The Official Treasures of Liverpool FC". More

18 November 2013Red All Over The World

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews Steve Horton's new book, "Red All Over The World: Liverpool FC on Tour." More

14 November 2013Review of Red Machine

Our very own, Chris Wood, reviews Simon Hughes' new book, "Red Machine: Liverpool FC in the 1980s". More

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Tony Hateley Tony Hateley passed away on 1 February 2014, 72 years of age. He spent just one full season at the club in which he scored 27 goals, yet the team's style of play was deemed incompatible with Hateley's. More

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Quote "Since I was 10 I didn't just want to be a footballer, I wanted to be the best footballer in the world. There are still lots of people ahead of me but if you want to get into that bracket, you have to break out of comfort zones. That is a nutshell is why I made the life changing decision to leave Liverpool for Real Madrid.

"I have always had a burning desire to push myself and that is why I was disappointed with some of the defeatist reaction to my transfer. I don't know if it is an English trait to settle for what you've got but I was taken aback when the first thing some people said was 'how's he going to get into the first team'. They didn't say 'fantastic, he's moving to the biggest club in the world.'"

Michael Owen on his move from Liverpool to Real Madrid

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