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9 February 2016Michael Robinson - leaving Liverpool behind for Spain recently met former striker Michael Robinson in Madrid and had a good chat with him about his career. More

2 February 2016The Untold Story of Billy Howard - Part 2

Last week we introduced you to Billy Howard, an ardent Kopite who also had the pleasure and privilege to be on Liverpool Football Club's books. We hope you will enjoy reading this article as much as we enjoyed interviewing this gentleman. More

29 January 2016The Untold Story of Billy Howard

Greats like Billy Howard have gone by unnoticed, since they never really made an impact on Liverpool FC's first team, but have given so much to the community of Liverpool, working with the local kids and helping them develop through football.and the More

16 January 2016Roy Evans - 35 years of pure dedication

Roy Evans; youth player, first-team player, kit washer, physio, coach, reserve and first-team manager of Liverpool Football Club. An exclusive interview by More

30 December 2015Michael Robinson - joining his boyhood club

LFChistory had the rare opportunity of spending an evening with Michael Robinson, a warm individual who possesses such an abundance of intelligence and enthusiasm towards sport and life in general. More

21 December 2015Vic Gill - I Could Have Been a Contender - part 3

This is the final part of Vic's story of being at LFC when it ascended to the top of English football after a decade and a half in the doldrums. Vic was also about to become a part of Bill Shankly's family. More

15 December 2015Vic Gill - I Could Have Been a Contender - part 2

The life of 16-year-old Victor Gill took a dramatic turn when Bill Shankly took over at Liverpool Football Club. More

11 December 2015Golden tickets for exclusive access to Liverpool Euro legends

Nick Tanner has provided with two pairs of Golden tickets for the European Legends Tour to give away. More

10 December 2015View from the people - Brian Bentley

The former editor of Teamtalk has certainly a tale or two to tell from his years of supporting the Reds. More

7 December 2015Vic Gill - I Could Have Been a Contender - part 1

Victor Gill was just one of the apprentices when Bill Shankly took over. Victor was destined not to reach greatness at Liverpool FC but to marry his boss' daughter. More

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Gerry Byrne "Gerry Byrne was a true Liverpudlian who couldn't look his fellow Scousers in the face after a game unless he'd given everything he had for 90 minutes." - Bill Shankly RIP Gerry 29 August 1938 - 28 November 2015 More

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Quote "Stan only seemed to turn it on when he felt like it, and he didn't exactly endear himself to his team-mates when he was quoted in a magazine article as saying that he was disappointed with the service he was getting, and that, when he joined Liverpool, he expected to be surrounded by better players. He turned on the other players in the team when he should have been looking at himself. When the lads read what he'd said the attitude of virtually everyone in the squad was 'fuck you Stan'.

Stan didn't make any attempt to get on with the lads and, although I used to sit next to him on the coach and try and make conversation with him, I could never claim to know him. Nobody did. He'd turn up for training, do his work, get changed and go home. Not exactly conducive to good team spirit, so I think most of the lads were relieved when he was finally flogged off to Aston Villa."

If you'd been at school, he would have been the boy who ate worms.

Neil Ruddock on Collymore

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